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4 problems with your creative production workflow

Improving your creative production workflow is probably one of your highest priorities. How can we make such a bold claim? Well, Over 60% of brands reported that improving their workflow efficiency for creatives is their topmost digital advertising goal for 2021, according to market statistics. Cost savings, faster turnaround and more time to focus on other tasks are the obvious benefits. But we’re not here to tell you what you already know. We’re here to tell you problems that you have been neglecting that can easily be fixed with workflow automation software

The volume of creatives you will be able to churn out is largely dependent on your workflow. In order to optimize this process, you should ideally evaluate every touchpoint and look for areas that can be improved (and believe us, there is always room for improvement.) Brands usually face the following four pain points that can easily be addressed with workflow automation software.

Overly complicated Workflows

Generally, workflows aren’t designed to be complicated. It’s something that inevitably happens over time as more functions get added to the process or the inability to question whether certain tasks or functions are essential.

However, once the key resources are identified and pre-approved, the workflow can be mapped out visually. If you’ve never done this before, there are plenty of resources about getting started. It’s then time to ask some questions. Does the flow resemble a spider web – or does it resemble a chain? Are there too many steps backwards after moving forward? It should be evident pretty quickly whether your process has potential to be simplified and once you have your workflows mapped out it will inevitably become easier to make adjustments.

Partially defined processes

Workflow management for creatives is incredibly useful for solving the challenges of ambiguity. Ask yourself this: what’s your current process for approval of creatives? How about the current process for publishing creatives? If such processes require too much back and forth then you are currently in an inefficient system that can benefit greatly from creative workflow automation. 

No Automation for repetitive tasks

One of the most glaring issues on this list – the entire point of workflow automation is… automating redundant processes! For example, publishing to various ad platforms upon approval of creatives can be done with the tap of a button. Is this something you really need to download and manually push to different channels? Of course not. Even the process of sharing templates or creatives among team members can be set up automatically. A workflow management platform not only cuts down production time but also reduces human error which is extremely important – you don’t want the new intern or junior employee at work messing up an important creative for your business or your client right? It gives relief to everyone involved and is an investment that always has a worthwhile payoff for having such systems in place.

Fragmented Technology

There is nothing impressive about using a plethora of tools and technologies. On a high level, everyone in the company (or department) is working towards a common goal therefore there should be as much overlap in internal technology as possible to foster efficient collaboration between teams. An all-in-one creative platform helps in several ways besides workflow management. Features like tag generation, multi-level access in-built approval and review systems eliminate the need for multiple tools. This naturally speeds up your workflow and saves you from the hassle of user management.

Ready to take the leap?

There you have it! We are sure that some (if not all) of these issues would have resonated with you. Rocketium provides creative automation solutions for solving exactly these problems – if you are ready to transform your creative production workflow then get in touch! 

Ayush Parti

Ayush Parti

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