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Visual merchandising for your ecommerce storefront.

Improve conversion on website and apps with hyper-relevant banners and videos

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  • Ecommerce banners

    Automatic Ecommerce storefront banner update

    • Connect your storefront with our API to update banners automatically
    • Increase AOV by personalizing storefront banners for each cohort.
  • Social banners

    Frequent ad banner refresh to avoid ad fatigue.

    • Refresh ad banners to avoid banner fatigue within a click
    • Employ dynamic creative optimization to increase ad performance
  • Display Ad banners

    Personalize display ad banners to take on banner blindness

    • Dynamic banners with a message that connects instantly with your target audience
    • Increase conversions with hyper-relevant display advertising with banners.

Visual Merchandising as solution - Who benefits

Increase total sales of your category by showing relevant product banners.

Double conversions by presenting banners of top-selling products of each category.

Select top performing banners using rigorous A/B testing.

We have integrated Rocketium's API with our CMS and our journalists are creating quality videos with an experience similar to writing an article.

Gianni Giorgetti

Increase cart value by showing related product banners at checkout.

Increases sales by showcasing hyper-relevant creatives at all touchpoint.

Maximise average order value(AOV) by showcasing personalized creatives.

Excellent product and customer service. We plan on building an entire business around Rocketium's technology.

President and Founder, Bridge Digital


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