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Why Your Ecommerce Firm Should Be Using Banner Software?

Are you a category manager at a large eCommerce firm, a product manager, a marketer or a design lead faced with aggressive sales targets?

Wish you could make your display ads actually work for you, dramatically reduce banner ad fatigue and increase your eCommerce conversion rate optimization efforts?

Want to generate more transactions and higher CTR on your home page? Or increase monetization by selling ad space to third parties on your website or eCommerce app? You can do all of that, and exceed your marketing goals by embracing the power of automation.

In this article we will tell you just how using banner software can help you create static banners, videos, and other visual marketing and merchandising assets, at scale. Doing so will turbocharge your Ecommerce product marketing and online merchandising efforts.

Making the Business Case For Design Automation Using Banner Software

Whether you are a growth-hungry bootstrapped startup or an established ecommerce marketplace, your design team is always under pressure to keep up with the demands of your product sales team. Because customers today almost expect to be dazzled with fresh and exciting offers every time they visit your website or shop in-app. 

Refreshing your ad and website creatives at a high frequency has become key to meet the changing demands of customers. It also helps manage inventory and highlight seasonal offers, helping you grow and maintain your market share. Banner Software can help automate, simplify and accelerate the process of communicating these timely offers, using display ads, across your website and different ad exchanges. No matter what the size of your design team, you can rely on banner design tools to accelerate your product marketing efforts. Let us tell you why banner software is important for your ecommerce conversion rate optimization efforts.

Think Visual, Think High Frequency 

As it stands, approximately 75 percent of internet users in the US search for visual content before carrying out a purchase on a regular basis.So, creating customized visual content has become the number one selling tool for ecommerce companies who wish to engage new and existing customers. And the frequency is important. For instance, online fashion disruptor, Fashion Nova has differentiated itself from other players in speaking directly to an urban demographic by being super present on social and posting often. Fashion Nova became one of the most searched fashion brands on Google, with an aggressive online marketing strategy that lets people buy direct, on Instagram and their CEO Richard Saghian said in an interview that the California-based brand posts on the platform once every 30 minutes.

The Need For Personalization to Boost Ecommerce Experience

Also, customers are increasingly beginning to expect personalized communication, on a website or Ecommerce app, in an emailer, or newsletter. Ecommerce companies can today leverage the power of better targeting to serve up highly customized marketing communication on a variety of platforms. This will improve the ecommerce experience significantly.

Here are more use cases for automating your design efforts, in part or in full.

1. Focus on Creativity

Irrespective of the size of your company or your design team, it pays to integrate a banner building software into your workflow to ease the strain on your production team and give your illustrators, animators and graphic designers a chance to focus on the stuff that made them fall in love with their jobs in the first place – creativity! Using a banner building software can help you streamline your design process dramatically and improve collaboration between product and design teams. Automation also gives you space to iteratively perform A/B testing, to analyze and control campaign performance and optimize spends. Need ideas for ecommerce A/B testing for your store pages? Get some inspiration for ecommerce optimization here.

2. Increase Designer Productivity Using Banner Software

Using an automated banner building tool also eliminates repetitive tasks that most designers hate. Instead of clogging your creative bandwidth by assigning repetitive tasks to talented employees and risking burnout, using a banner automation tool will allow you to automate dull, monotonous, routine tasks, freeing your creative marketing team to perform more executive functions. This opportunity for blue-sky thinking will allow you to allocate your marketing resources more optimally, without the risk of falling behind your growth targets. Your employees will also appreciate you for easing their work life. By not requiring them to work unreasonably long hours, you can improve employee satisfaction without compromising on work productivity.

Here is how you can create a customized web banner using our software,  in 4 easy steps

  1. Create or choose a template
  2. Upload template to Rocketium builder
  3. Upload content
  4. Your creative is ready!

3. Improve Brand Recall Using Banner Software

If you want greater consistency and control over your UI/UX and branding,  consider using pre-approved templates or enforcing a clear style guide across all assets you create. This task is made more failsafe and error-proof when creatives can be replicated according to the content category, or use case, so customers view clearly recognizable banners, no matter what the copy, or specific marketing message. Using design automation also allows you to quickly tweak creatives and insert different CTAs tailored to appeal to customers, depending on where they are in their specific journey. Consistency in brand colors, fonts, layouts and visuals that are created to suit clear design specifications creates a more seamless and friction-free experience for customers, who feel comforted at being shown marketing messages that are united in their tone, look, and feel, irrespective of platforms, across themes and campaigns. Get more design tips for creating banner ads here. 

4. Increase Conversions Via Customization

As an ecommerce player, you can generate more business with micro-targeted, relevant offers that are of-the-moment and designed to make users click and convert. For instance, a food aggregator app can promote a restaurant lunch-special by pushing a custom creative to customers nearby, during the right time of day, or create payday special offers on the first of every month to spike sales. But, designing ads based on your target demographics for a particular niche requires you to have a large design team at your disposal, so you can churn out a high volume of insight-driven, eye-catching ads, on-demand.

In this scenario, banner ad creator tools can prove to be a lifesaver by letting you create a higher volume of branded marketing assets, including static banner ads, native ads,  interstitials, social media posts, videos, and more. You can automate your design processes via automation to build creatives easily and quickly, in a variety of sizes, customized to meet specifications of individual platforms, even if you don’t have an army of copywriters, graphic designers, and video editors. And you can explore the power of auto-refresh ads to generate more impressions and increase revenue, by triggering ad creatives basis specific user actions, events, and time spent on a page.

Rocketium is an enterprise-grade solution that enables organizations to supplement in-house design resources with the additional horsepower needed by automating the creation of banners based on custom or stock templates. And, using an automation tool makes it possible for you to generate 100s and 1000s of sleek, well-designed static ad banners using our stock image repository and templates, for every stage of the marketing funnel. This is very important in the current day and age for your ecommerce conversion rate optimization. Rocketium’s proprietorial API extracts all the relevant information residing within your database in a variety of formats, including JSON, CSV, Spreadsheets, and forms, and combines them on the basis of templates you choose to furnish a steady stream of creatives, day after day.

Learn more about how Rocketium has helped some of the biggest ecommerce players generate more leads and conversions using our banner building software, in our case study section. We hope you found this article helpful in understanding just why and how to design automation using banner software can be so crucial to succeeding as an ecommerce player in today’s uber-competitive marketplace. Do share feedback and share this article with your network and visit the Rocketium Academy for more such content.

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