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Teams with Better Decisions

Get a single source of truth for all your creatives. Make data-inspired design decisions for optimized and better performing campaigns.

Unlock Creative Intelligence Like Never Before

Data Aware Teams. Creative Insights. All in One Place.

  • Analyze More: Centralize creative data and make it accessible for both your teams and clients using custom widgets and visualization dashboards.

  • Track More: Stay on top of your creative performance in real-time and avoid performance slumps with automated alerts and regular reports.

Data Inspired Designs. Better Creatives. Optimized Campaigns.

  • Foresee More: Get in-editor forecasts using contextual data that combines your own campaign performance and creative data.

  • Innovate More: Empower your teams with personalized design recommendations using in-built intelligence on competitor practices and industry trends.

Features That Our Users Love

  • Enriched Performance data-feed

    Centralize and enrich performance data with AI-powered, custom filters

  • Competitor intelligence

    Track and analyze competitor campaigns, drawing insights that give you an edge over them

  • Reporting

    Generate automated and customized reports for various stakeholders

  • Widgets

    Contextually visualize and make sense of performance insights

  • Integrations

    Integrate with publishing platforms to centralize performance insights

  • Slack & Microsoft Teams Integrations

    Get notifications delivered right to your inbox

  • Smart Notifications

    Stay on top of updates such as reviews, shares and exports

  • Custom Templates

    Get tailor-made templates for your brand and creative style

Case Studies

To err is human, to analyze is divine.