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Talent Branding

Designer-Grade Hiring Ads:
But without Designers

Empower your business teams with high-quality talent branding visuals, all with minimal design dependencies.

Brands Hire Better with Stunning Visuals That Scale

“72% of recruiting leaders worldwide agreed that employer branding has a significant impact on hiring.”

LinkedIn Talent Solutions

But business teams often struggle with design dependencies to create visually compelling hiring ads, resulting in poor engagement.

Self-Service Talent Branding.
Self-Reliant Business Teams.

Better Visuals. Better Engagement.

  • Create faster with reusable base templates, auto-adapt to various sizes

  • Quickly create ad variations for different jobs and locations with a simple content feed

  • Set and automatically enforce brand colors, fonts and guidelines with our brand toolkit

  • Create reusable creative templates and presets to enable faster production

Collaborate Real-Time. Work Faster.

  • Bring your teams together in shared workspaces

  • Give teams role-based access to the design for quick review and approval

  • Seamlessly share feedback with real-time comments directly on the design


“The ability to make visual ads in bulk, using Rocketium, has been a game changer for us. We witnessed 150% more engagement on our visual hiring ads and have managed to boost hiring across geographies.”

VP & Global Head - Digital Marketing & Marketing Automation, IT company

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The best talent, without the painful hunting.