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Eliminating chaos on canvas: The power of seamless creative workflows in campaign excellence

Scattered tools and creative processes are probably not the secret ingredients driving campaign success. Unfortunately, it seems to be the hand most organizations are dealt. For most brands, the journey from ideating a campaign to taking it live is often tumultuous, exacerbated by the absence of a streamlined creative workflow. 

Picture this, a campaign manager raises a creative request for an upcoming campaign, initiating an email to a design team situated in a different timezone. However, by the time designers receive the email, it has vanished into the depths of their inbox, with crucial details like reference images and brand assets missing. What follows next is a time-consuming process of file scouring and chasing multiple team members, which can cause up to 6 days of delay before the actual design work commences.

Now let’s consider that the designers were finally able to get their hands on all the relevant details. They relentlessly worked on the required assets and shared them with the campaign manager. Now while reviewing the creatives, the campaign manager spotted a few off-brand elements and he communicated his feedback via Slack or Microsoft Teams. However, as expected the feedback inevitably gets lost amidst an influx of messages, and when the campaign manager circles back to get an update about the changes, the designers are left completely bewildered. So, by the time this entire to and fro is done and the creatives are finalized, more than four days have elapsed beyond the campaign go-live date.

In an ideal world, successful campaigns would be propelled by a streamlined creative workflow, commencing with an efficient request management system and culminating in a seamless approval and review process. So what is stopping us from realizing this ideal world?

Reimagining creativity through streamlined workflows

Simplify campaign blueprint with efficient request management system

At Rocketium, we are committed to creating that utopian world where a streamlined creative workflow would become the cornerstone of successful campaigns. Consider the first scenario where we witnessed how the entire process of creative visuals gets prematurely halted due to raising creative requests through unstructured and incomplete briefs.

Let’s reimagine this scenario, only this time, it is powered by an efficient request management system with templatized creative briefs at the center of it. The campaign manager initiates the request not via email but through a templatized brief, sharing vital details like campaign objectives, target audience, assigning stakeholders, and attaching necessary assets. What next? Rocketium’s generative AI weaves its magic to produce an enriched and comprehensive creative brief sans based on the details shared. Simultaneously, all stakeholders including designers receive prompt notifications, ensuring that everyone is swiftly brought up to speed with all important details right at their fingertips

Creative workflow powered by creative brief

But wait,  we’re just getting started here. You can elevate your briefs with bullet points, italics, hyperlinks, and a lot more—to infuse depth and visual appeal into your campaign requests. Now writing a brief might be a solo project but working on it takes a village! So collaborate with your creative village via real-time chat right on the brief. Initiate conversations, share inspirations, references, and live updates seamlessly, without having to jump the hoops of multiple channels. And don’t worry about any task or mentions getting lost in the deluge of texts; get instant alerts for task mentions and discussions, ensuring you’re always in the loop. 

What previously consumed days in a labyrinth of back-and-forth processes is now replaced with a seamless creative workflow where there’s no scope for missing details or lost emails. 

Go to market faster with flawless approval workflows

Next in line is the entire ordeal of reviewing and approving creatives, a nightmarish process that robs stakeholders of precious sleep. Marketers, brand teams, and legal teams burn the midnight oil scrutinizing assets, while designers grapple with deciphering scattered feedback from various communication channels.

But what if it wasn’t like that? What if compliance and approval weren’t such big mountains to scale? We felt the same way too! That’s why we built Rocketium’s seamless workflows to make approval and compliance an absolute breeze. Brands can configure their rules and guidelines on Rocketium’s CreativeOps platform, which means every time a designer strays from those rules, they will be alerted about it. So while designers can unleash their creativity without worrying about breaching protocol, marketers, legal and brand teams can also sit back and relax knowing that creatives will always be on-brand.


Beyond checking for compliance, stakeholders can seamlessly communicate other feedback directly on the design canvas, instead of using multiple communication channels. Designers are notified in real-time about this feedback allowing them to address and resolve them, without even having to leave the canvas. 


Truth be told, this laborious task of manually scrutinizing creatives, entangled in loops for feedback-sharing and resolution can extend up to 6-8 days, especially for large organizations navigating diverse geographies and time zones. Rocketium replaces this entire inefficient ordeal with a seamless creative workflow allowing for efficient approval and timely go-live of on-brand creatives.

Enterprises that are redefining speed and excellence through friction-free creative workflow

Category teams at the world’s largest ecommerce platform produce visuals 2x faster with streamlined creative workflow

One of the category teams of the world’s largest ecommerce platform wanted to boost their revenue by infusing more personalization and experimentation into their campaigns. However, their inefficient creative workflow acted as a bottleneck, restricting the potential output from their design team


The challenge lay in the inadequacies of briefs, which lacked the necessary structure, leading to extensive back-and-forths. Further, valuable team hours were consumed by repetitive tasks such as background removal of assets and creating adapts. This left teams with less than 20% of their cycle time forcore creative work leaving very little room for personalization and experimentation. 


Rocketium streamlined the team’s request management with standardized brief creation. These briefs could be enriched with AI-generated contextual copy or attachments for clarity. Repetitive tasks like background removal were automated with 1-click asset optimization and size-adapt creation was offloaded to Rocketium experts with feedback shared and resolved directly on the design canvas. With streamlined request management, creatives were produced 2x faster, freeing up the team’s bandwidth for experiments and personalized offers to boost the category’s revenue contribution



2x faster creation with clear briefs and 

<3% error rate on creatives

Telecom titan slashes campaign cycle times by 30% with lightning-fast approvals powered by seamless creative workflow

This leading telecommunication brand wanted to fastrack their campaign launch times. However, working with multiple teams and agencies often came at the cost of scattered assets, projects and communications, leading to delayed go-lives.


Multiple teams at this telecom giant worked with diverse agencies leading to chaotic and decentralized creative workflows. Projects, teams, and reviews spanned various channels, posing a challenge in maintaining a cohesive oversight for the quality and consistency of creatives. The lack of a streamlined review mechanism not only delayed campaigns but also enabled occasional unapproved images to go live. 


Rocketium’s seamless creative workflow empowered this prominent telecom giant to establish a singular source of truth to manage teams, projects and workflows more seamlessly. With standardized briefs, custom-configured brand rules and on-canvas feedback, collaboration is a breeze, resulting in faster go-lives


50% faster reviews

30% shorter cycle time

If you’re ready to get started on your new CreativeOps journey of efficiency and business growth, reach out to us

Sreetama Chakraborty

Sreetama Chakraborty

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