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The wordsmith’s apprentice: Why generative AI is set to change the way we write

Let’s dive straight into the heart of the matter. The age of AI disruption has arrived, and the marketing landscape is its prime beneficiary. In a world where the potential of generative AI is only starting to be explored, McKinsey’s insights indicate that the power of Gen AI could enhance marketing productivity by 5 to 15%.

Zooming into the specific realm of content generation, generative AI emerges as a force to reckon with. Businesses and enterprises are keen on capitalizing on generative AI’s prowess to bring their content ideas to life. However, there seems to be a catch. The content produced by language models like LLMs or other readily available AI generation solutions aren’t specifically customized to match the unique context of the given brand or industry. As a result, it falls short of effectively mirroring the distinctive tone and voice that characterizes the brand. So, as the market fills with a deluge of Gen AI tools, a pertinent question arises: Can brands merely pick any off-the-shelf AI solution to cater to their content needs or is there a more sophisticated and nuanced solution? Let’s delve deeper.

Understanding the gaps: Why enterprises are skeptical to board the gen AI train

Generative AI conjures up compelling ad copies, persuasive emails, and more. The wizardry lies in training a language learning model (LLM) with data so that they are able to generate content. So enterprises can craft their personalized AI solutions by making and training their own LLMs or at the least train existing LLMs with their industry or brand context. Seemingly simple, right? The reality is a touch more complex. 

To begin with, training LLMs require colossal data sets;  GPT-3 alone was honed on 45 terabytes of text. Now, enterprises can look at fine-tuning existing LLMs with their brand and industry context. That would surely require “relatively” less data. However, the truth is the term “relatively less” data needed for LLM training translates into substantial requirements, often exceeding brands’ data center capacities and cloud computing budgets. 

So, the idea of creating and training your own personalized LLM might seem next to impossible for most brands. As an alternative approach, many brands tend to lean towards off-the-shelf AI solutions. Each day brings a wave of ten new generative AI solutions to the table. While these solutions are certainly adept at producing impressive content, they often lack the tailored touch that resonates with a brand’s unique voice and requirements. It’s like using the same brush to paint for a streetwear ecommerce brand and an insurance company – the strokes might not match. Moreover, ensuring brand safety for the said content becomes a challenge for businesses, as their platforms haven’t been trained on their brand rules and guidelines. 

So one one hand, there are these barriers that underscore the challenge of training and customizing models, and on the other hand, there is skepticism surrounding off-the-shelf fixes. 

Pioneering tomorrow’s expression: How Rocketium’s AI text generator elevates your content game

Rocketium harnesses the power of generative AI to serve as your all-encompassing campaign ally. What sets Rocketium apart amidst a sea of AI solutions is its adaptability, paving the way for brand individuality. Curious? Let’s delve deeper.

Off-the-shelf AI tools, no matter how sophisticated, fail to align precisely with each brand’s distinctive requirements. Varying industries demand content for diverse purposes. A food and beverage company, for instance, seeks distinct copy for brand awareness, while an e-commerce platform necessitates performance-driven messaging. Rocketium ups the ante by training its model using a brand’s data, tone guidelines, target audience specifics, and industry nuances. This infusion of brand and industry context empowers enterprises to forge tailored content aligned with their voice and goals. To simplify, the copy generated by Rocektium’s generative AI solution will be personalized for the said brand instead of a “one-size fits all” formula. The copy will be personalized to echo the voice and tone of the brand, abide by its rules and guidelines, be tailored to the brand’s target audience, and also be in accordance with industry best practices.  So next time you’re worried about generative  AI giving GenZ ad copies for your middle-aged audience, Rocketium’s got you covered!

Make it your own

However, contextual customization is just the tip of the iceberg. Rocketium’s AI writing generator seamlessly integrates into your creative workflow, delivering content precisely at the execution juncture. It offers an unparalleled level of brand control and customization, ensuring that the content creation process aligns seamlessly with your unique requirements. Whether it’s crafting concise briefs, generating compelling ad copy, or facilitating translations, you’re in the driver’s seat. You not only have the power to dictate the WHAT, specifying the type of content you need, but you also get to define the HOW – from choosing the perfect tone and voice to determining the precise word count and more. And let’s not forget about the WHERE – you decide exactly where the content finds its place, whether it’s within a brief, a captivating caption, or nestled ingeniously inside an ad creative. By wielding control over the WHAT, HOW, and WHERE, Rocketium allows you to make its generative AI solution truly your own!

Zooming into specifics: Exploring Rocketium’s generative AI powered writing prowess

Let’s talk about the content demands that brands face – they’re massive! From crafting briefs to fine-tuning ad copy, whether it’s summarizing, rephrasing, experimenting, or even translating – the list is endless. So, let’s dive into how Rocketium can be your ultimate destination for all things content:

Magic Briefs

Picture this, a brand’s central design team is swamped with creative requests from various corners, each with its own unique format. This mishmash not only breeds confusion but occasionally important details get lost in the shuffle. Enter Rocketium, offering a streamlined brief template with preset parameters like campaign goals, target audience, tone, and distribution channels. Fill in these details and watch Rocketium’s AI text generator swiftly create a comprehensive and consistent brief. No more decoding disparate briefs – your design teams are saved from this ordeal.

Magic briefs

Ad Copy Mastery

Imagine a world where ads practically write themselves. Well, that world is here. With Rocketium’s AI copy generator, just feed in a concise prompt outlining your copy needs, and voilà! You’ll have stunning ad copies tailored to your brand’s voice and guidelines. Fancy a different tone or a rephrase? It’s just one click away!

Tailored Ad Excellence

Let’s say you’re a global brand catering to various age groups. The younger crowd hones in on pricing, while the more mature audience seeks product features. A quick prompt sharing these preferences, and Rocketium’s AI writer steps in to weave its magic, whipping up personalized ad copies in mere seconds for both demographics. And you’ve got content that speaks to what they value most.

Seamless Translation

Eyeing a global audience? Translate your content into the language of your target demographic with a simple click.


Unleash Creativity

Will a funny twist strike a chord with your audience, or is a serious tone more effective? Experiment away with Rocketium’s cutting-edge AI powered text generator! Enter your prompt and witness a plethora of copy variations materialize within seconds!

These examples merely scratch the surface of Rocketium’s AI prowess. Unlike LLM models and off-the-shelf solutions, Rocketium empowers brands to seamlessly infuse AI generated content within their creative process, granting autonomy without friction. Combined with contextual understanding and industry nuance, Rocketium emerges as the ultimate AI powered content solution for your campaign needs.

So, are you prepared to script the future with AI? Connect with us at and embark on an AI-infused content journey.

Sreetama Chakraborty

Sreetama Chakraborty

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