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The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything!

Ads that sell, in minutes

Use Rocketium to create banner & video ads that convert. Create more than display & social media ads with custom templates generated using brand assets.

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Why brands trust Rocketium with their ad dollars for optimal performance

  • Efficiency

    Creative automation technology allows you to create & collaborate in real-time.

  • Cost

    Create more in a fraction of cost by moving away from investing in designers for repetitive tasks.

  • Scale

    Smart advertising tool that lets businesses to scale efficiently by generating creatives in different formats.

  • Personalization

    Hyper-personalized campaigns unique to each cohort to drive more leads, boost engagement & sales.

Grow your business by localizing content & personalizing based on customer preferences.

How an e-commerce giant is enabling its sellers to create display ads in minutes

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Endless creative possibilities with customization options to optimize the advertising campaigns & scale for conversions at a faster pace using Rocketium's Ad maker

  • Display Ads

    Create display ads compatible with multiple display ad network in minutes.

    • Use pre-built templates or custom brand-compliant templates
    • Add text, image & CTA from multiple data sources.
    • Automatically create ads in any language, variants & aspect ratios.
    • Personalize ads & publish instantly to any display ad network.
  • Video Ads

    Use Rocketium' campaign to build videos & never miss an opportunity to attract leads.

    • Customize video ads using custom brand-compliant templates.
    • Easy video maker by importing content from multiple data sources.
    • Personalize at scale by creating customized videos for each cohort.
    • Publish instantly to any video ad networks.
  • In-app Ads

    Increase brand visibility by running targeted banner ads in-app refreshed frequently.

    • Pick a pre-built template or customize the template for mobile optimization.
    • Update elements of the template using data from multiple sources.
    • Create banners variants & aspect ratios specific to placement dimension in secs.
    • Publish to display network instantly to start promoting on top apps.


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