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Growth lies in what meets the eye
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Over a 1000 of the world’s finest creative strategists and growth marketers have set new benchmarks with #DesignLedGrowth.

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Brands that have leveraged #DesignLedGrowth

The #DesignLedGrowth Initiative

High-growth brands and their pedigree need to translate into a visual presence to sustain growth goals and benchmarks. As a result, marketing and brand teams' design faces pressure on richness, relevance, and timeliness fronts. Balancing well and long enough to ensure that every brand visual stands out for individual users and garners sustained attention is an art as well as a science.
Design-led growth is an initiative that captures the holy grail to success that high growth initiatives associate themselves with and aims to build a community where practicers share and learn from each other.

Impact Areas of Design-led Growth

  • Turn around time

    Idea to go-live is fast, glitch-free, and predictable

  • Channel Adapts

    Sizes and formats optimized for all channels and placements is automated

  • Timely refresh

    Ability to beat creative fatigue before performance slumps without redoing creatives

  • Targeting with scaled content

    For product, offer, multilingual, or behavior-based variations is automated

  • Continuous experiments

    Between creative copy, and campaign elements at bulk, without redoing

  • Collaboration and review

    Simplified reviews, ontime approvals and synchronized communication at all stages

The complete lifecycle of a

  • 1


    • Set objectives
    • Choose channels
    • Target audience
    • Set budget
  • 2


    • Templatize design
    • Adapt to channels
    • Create scale
    • Collaborate
    • Manage assets
    • Manage brand
    • Creative workflow
  • 3


    • Prepare campaign
    • Schedule
    • Maintain hygiene
    • Review
  • 4


    • Campaign tracking
    • Creative analytics
    • Insight gathering
    • Automate alerts

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