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How To Improve CTR For Facebook Ads With Personalized Creatives


Clicks are crucial in driving Facebook advertising. It plays a significant role in the costs for campaign, conversion, and acquisition. Ad clicks can either increase or decrease expenses since they depend on the personalized ad creative, targeting level, and ad engagement.

Clicks send messages to marketers who use paid advertising whether their marketing strategies are working. It helps marketers to see results without spending too much money. With this in mind, the click-through rate (CTR) of personalized Facebook ads is a piece of valuable information to most marketers. 

This article will share tips on how to improve your CTR for personalized Facebook ads with personalized creatives. We will also briefly talk about a good CTR for Facebook ads, finding it, and calculating it.

CTR For Facebook

Click-through rate or CTR is a metric for Facebook Ads that indicates the ratio of clicks to impressions for personal ads. The click is the number of how frequently someone clicked your ad. Impressions are the number of times someone viewed your ad on a platform.


Click-Through Rate Calculation

Facebook determines each CTR by dividing the total number of clicks of an ad by its total impressions. The resulting number is multiplied to 100 and presented as a percentage.

Suppose that 1,000 people viewed your ad, and 100 people clicked on the ad. Facebook will divide 100 by 1,000, resulting in 0.1. 0.1 will be multiplied by 100, which equates to 10%, which will be your CTR percentage.

Finding Your CTR on Facebook

You can perform these steps to find your CTR for Facebook ads:

  1. Open and select the login option in Facebook Ads Manager.
  2. Click on the tab for “Ads.”
  3. Ensure that you choose a time frame for viewing.
  4. Check the dropdown option for “Columns” and press “Performance and Clicks.”
  5. Scroll through the page to the column for “CTR (All).”

Average CTR for Facebook Ads

The average CTR for Personalized Facebook ads in 2017 based on Wordstream studies is 0.90% throughout all industries. Job training and employment can vary the average, with the lowest CTR of 0.47% and the highest CTR of 1.61%.

Recent studies of AdStage say that the median has increased to 1.33% for 2019. With the new update, we can estimate that the average CTR is around 0.90 to 1.33%.

Good CTR for Facebook Ads

A good CTR for Facebook ads should be between 2-5%. Most marketers also have their average CTRs for their Facebook ads within the mentioned range. 

With this in mind, you should always check on your CTR to ensure that your Facebook ads perform well. If not, then you should improve on your ads.

Tips To Increase CTR for Facebook Ads

There are ways to achieve higher CTRs than the average and median rates. This point is where the tips to increase CTR for Facebook Ads come into play. Here are some strategies that you can do to improve your CTR.

1. Focus Your Targeting

You must combine good visuals, excellent ad copy, and focused targeting to improve your CTR on Facebook ads. You can apply the most significant leverage to your targeting options.

The common mistake of marketers is they overlook targeting strategies. Do not confine marketing to only those who show interest in your service and avoid an overly broad audience. Focus your marketing on specific customer types.

Narrow targeting provides you with a focused customer base for better specificity. You increase the chances of having more ad clicks, engagements, shares, and conversions. Experiment along to find your target audience.

Research the target audience to increase awareness and move prospects to engagement. These methods will equate to higher click-through rates on Facebook ads.

 2. Perform Campaigns for Retargeting

You can re-engage previous customers since they are most likely to engage again. Previous clients begin the sales funnel at a deeper level since they already have an idea about your service. You can improve your conversions by maintaining your top position.

Most marketers who retarget gain better results than simply using email, search, and other display ads. Try retargeting ads today to get more return on investment and more qualified leads for marketing.

3. Utilize Visuals That Promote Engagement

It is vital to incorporate visuals that promote engagement to garner a better click-through rate on your Facebook ads. You can include videos, infographics, and GIFs to engage more audiences and establish brand-building.

Static images can seem boring to most people, but placing dynamic photos can attract more attention and increase click probability. In using pictures, we recommend using high-quality images. Present your products and services through the use of images instead of using too much text.

Intense videos and catching images enable your content to stand out on Facebook. You can focus on these elements to give a clearer picture of your products and services. Here are some Facebook ad format examples that you can use:

  • Photo: An image with a short header helps in forming a powerful visual story.
  • Stories: Stories engage viewers to a full-screen experience by getting their attention and making an impact.
  • Video: Videos help in showcasing your product, brand, and services.
  • Carousel: Carousels can present multiple images or videos for creative storytelling.
  • Messenger: Messenger sends ads to customers with short sentences and pictures.
  • Collection: Collection uses a digital display with ideas that focus on your products.
  • Slideshow: Slideshows enable users to combine sounds and images with less use of data suitable for weak internet connection.
  • Playables: These ads promote interaction by allowing free trials for users before downloading.

4. Find Ways To Have A Better Ad Copy

A good ad copy can also increase CTR. Here are some ways you can improve and catch the attention of your target audience.

1. Put Personal Attributes

Incorporate personal attributes where your audience can relate to, increasing the chances of them clicking the ads. You can use personal details such as places, work, and situations.

2. Choose A Convincing Title

Compelling titles play a vital role in CTR improvement. Choose a title that will increase the chances of your audience to click on the ad. It is recommendable to choose a clear title rather than a plain one.

3. Ask Questions

Asking questions can increase clicks and engagement in your ad. People will answer back, and this initiates feedback and response. You can lead the audience to the landing page to promote your service. Ask directly to be able to suggest a solution to their problem. 

5. Display Social Proof On Your Ads


You can also effectively increase your CTR on Facebook ads by displaying social proof on your ads. This technique will help you get more comments, likes, and shares on your ads.

New ads can only generate a few comments, likes, and shares at the beginning. Thus, new ads will equate to low generating CTRs that are typically below 0.5%. Establishing social proof through post engagement accumulation can aid in boosting CTR.

You can use Page Post IDs to connect the same ad across various ad sets. These tips will guarantee that you can accumulate post engagement. New ads with a low concentration are great for loyal customers who have excellent LTV and have been supportive of the brand for a long time.

It contributes to the collection of positive comments from present customers. A detailed collection of post engagement can go a long way. Ad engagement builds social proof and promotes ads to go viral.

6. Test All Of The Components

Marketers know that testing all components is significant in improving CTR. A/B testing refers to trying everything present in your ad. You should test the copy, objective, targeting, and ad types.

It is recommendable to have two identical Facebook ads. Test components individually until you get the suitable copy you can use to create more ads to test different targets. If you already have your target, you can then try for the ad format and other components.

You can schedule your testing every week and go through each component one at a time. Take turns testing audience, headline, text, and image. Setting weekly goals can help you use your time efficiently and improve on points that need better control.

It can take you weeks and even months to complete the whole process, but you can expect satisfying rewards. You can generate higher CTR and lower CPC when you test all components and improve on them.

It is crucial to test for your creatives specifically. Split-testing ads using different images and text matches to determine which suits your audience best can attract more people to click your content. Talk to your customers when testing for more personalized development. 

Be familiar with all of the aspects of the problem that needs problem-solving. Choose the right audience and align your ad’s creativity to improve your Facebook campaign’s click-through rates. There are three elements that you should remember for a good Facebook ad creative:


Check the targeting options provided by Facebook. It would be best if you had an audience that matches your advertisements. The right audience will increase the chances of having more clicks since your ads will show those interested in your services.

Ad Content

Good ad content delivers the message you want to impart to your target audience. Your ads must be engaging and should be able to generate a call to action. 


You should update images, headlines, or descriptions regularly. Check the statistics and conduct informed decisions. Find the value of creating ads using Facebook’s tools.

Rocketium helps in formulating targeted and personalized creatives for customers who need engaging advertisements. It is significant to have relevant display ads and personalized creatives by using targeted segments and adapted banners.

The segments and banners that are in use should be in line with IAB guidelines. Advertisers can utilize contextual messages to approach website visitors. The accumulated user journey data can increase relevance as well as conversion. Therefore, advertisers can generate more user engagement.

Final Takeaways

Overall, it takes great effort and much time to build an engaging Facebook ad with great CTR. Personalized creatives can help in improving CTR. CTR and cost per click (CPC) go together. Use the mentioned tips to improve CTR for personalized Facebook Ads with the right creatives to meet your goals.

Businesses can enjoy the many advantages of Facebook Ads creatives. Improve your marketing strategy, generate high-quality traffic, and gain maximum profit through personalized creatives. Learn more about boost conversions with targeted and personalized creatives at Rocketium.

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