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The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything!

Boost conversions with targeted & personalized ads

Reach customers where they’re with hyper-relevant ad creatives made for each cohort, across channels.

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  • Making Display Ads Relevant

    Banner ads work if they are contextual and personal.

    • Create banner variants targeted for segments.
    • Adapt banners for different sizes within IAB guidelines.
  • Retargeting ads increase recall

    Bring back visitors via personalized retargeting ads.

    • Increase conversion by approaching visitors with a contextual message.
    • Combine user journey data to make the creatives relevant.
  • Engage with users using social ads

    Avoid ad fatigue by refreshing social ads creatives frequently

    • Connect your social channels and publish ads instantly.
    • Update & refresh ads to avoid banner fatigue, in just one click.
  • Ad Sales for eCommerce

    Increase revenue by empowering sellers to run ads on your eCommerce platform.

    • Create an additional revenue channel by integrating with our ad creation platform.
    • Manage campaigns and users with single unified dashboard.

Performance Marketing with Creative Automation

Achieve higher CTR by focusing on relevance in ad creatives.

Increase conversions using remarketing ad creatives customized for every user behavior.

Decrease campaign turnaround time using creative automation solution.

We have integrated Rocketium's API with our CMS and our journalists are creating quality videos with an experience similar to writing an article.

Gianni Giorgetti

Increase productivity with cross-functional team collaboration & approval in real-time.

Design a master creative for the campaign & save time on adapts by automating it.

Design brand-compliant creatives at scale with brand assets and custom templates

Excellent product and customer service. We have helped a client build an entire business using Rocketium's video APIs.

President and Founder
Bridge Digital

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