Personalize video communication for Sales & Marketing

Create dynamic videos and images using customer data from your database. Build hyper-personalized campaigns, get more leads, boost engagement and improve retention.

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How do you benefit with Rocketium?

Rocketium is an enterprise-grade visual content creator that lets you create multiple personalized videos and images automatically in minutes.


Rocketium will heavy-lift your automation needs with Rest APIs. Use data from CRMs and make personalized videos without manual intervention.


Add personalized fields like name, company, industry, location or other user properties to existing video templates and customise them for your brand.


Make and share hundreds or thousands of personalized videos and images meant for your entire list within minutes.


Browse millions of stock media assets from Pixabay, Shutterstock and Storyblocks, and add them to your videos or images.

Personalized videos help in sales outreach and advertising

Connect individually with your customers and prospects through dynamic videos and images. Personalization will help improve conversions at every stage of your Sales and Marketing funnel.

Use Rocketium to make visual ads in multiple languages based on location and add dynamic fields like name or company details, and target specific audiences on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Personalized communication is known to be more efficient than conventional sales methods. Emails get better CTR and more replies, ads get more clicks, and videos get more views!

Add a personal touch to your Sales Outreach campaigns

Add a personal touch to your Sales Outreach campaigns

Run A/B Tests

Create multiple variants of your videos and images. Experiment with creatives and optimize your campaigns for high ROI.

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Communicate Visually

Grow with Rocketium and co-create solutions with our deep integrations and support for all your custom visual content requirements.

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Boost CTR and Reply Rates

Personalized high-quality content helps in lead generation, product usage, engagement, demo conversions, and customer retention.

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How you can personlize your videos and images with Rocketium

With our technology, you can generate thousands of custom visual creatives dynamically. Select personalized fields and populate them into your video or image content. Directly share these creatives on social media platforms and email messaging tools.

STEP 1: Pick dynamic fields

Identify what personalized fields you want to include in your video or image content – first name, company details, location, or custom fields from your product.

STEP 2: Select templates

Browse from over 300 preset templates or create a custom template for your brand. Optionally, choose to translate videos into multiple, vernacular languages.

STEP 3: Export in bulk

Publish personalized videos and images in bulk, select ad sharing platforms (Facebook, GDN, Twitter), email messaging tools, or simply download all visual creatives at once.

Create Personalized Videos for
Sales and Marketing

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Personalization powered by smart video

Screen/Webcam Recording

Record yourself or your screen to explain product offerings, concepts, and features to your customers

Translation/Local Language Support

Connect with clients in their native language. Make videos in multiple languages or translate one video into 100+ other languages.

Analytics and Real-time Performance

Get notifications on video performance. Connect with customers as they engage with your content.

How Zwende increased product conversions by 230% using personalized creatives

Zwende and Rocketium team worked closely to create a strategy to mobilize the users in the conversion funnel.

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