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5 Examples Of Effective Facebook Video Ads

The rise of social media platforms has revolutionized the landscape of marketing. Nowadays, social media platforms enjoy the most attention compared to other sites. Thus, these present excellent grounds for marketing your products and services.

Among these social media platforms, Facebook is one of the best means to reach your target audience. It offers many features that allow your brand to gain visibility and engage the audience. 

Start Advertising on Facebook

1. Reach a Larger Audience with Facebook

As of the early quarter of 2021, Facebook takes the third top spot among the most visited websites. At the same time, it comes second among the top social media platforms. 

According to Visual Capitalist, Facebook has an estimated 25.5 billion monthly visits, and this presents plenty of opportunities for brand visibility and engagement.

2. Facebook Ads are Effective and Easy to Set-Up

Facebook has a built-in advertisement creation for businesses. You can create it on your Facebook business page by accessing the “ads center.” You’ll have plenty of options for creating your advertisement. Additionally, most social media marketers invest in it because they see promise in advertising through Facebook.

Social Fresh, Firebrand, and Simply Measured surveyed to see which social media platforms are thought to bring the best ROI. Among the 551 participating marketers, 95.8% said Facebook tops the list. This data reinforces advertising profitability using Facebook Ads.

3. Customize Your Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads allow customization options to narrow down audiences which your advertisements reach. This helps you bank on demographics and make more profit at a lower cost. Facebook is capable of doing this well because of the vast amount of user data they have.

4. See Insights Using Facebook Analytics

Every marketer needs to see how the audiences interact with their advertisements. Facebook ads make this possible by acquiring statistics of your ads’ engagement, click, share, and likes, among others. 

Ads can fail to produce any immediate conversion. Still, the statistics help check the current market mindset. Thus, it allows you to readjust your tactics for future marketing attempts.

5. Retarget Your Audience

The retargeting option is a handy option to improve your brand’s engagement with your audiences. This option allows you to “retarget” users who have previously visited your page or have once engaged with your product. 

It also covers users who have once reached out via email. Increasing your audience’s familiarity with your brand is a huge opportunity to get conversions.

6. Affordable Advertising on Facebook

Facebook Ads gives you a flexible option of how much to spend on your advertisement reach. You can pay within your budget, thus giving advertising opportunities to all business sizes.

7. Facebook Encourages Video Ads

Facebook encourages brands to post video ads. Video ads top the spot for engagement opportunities, as shown based on Facebook analytics. To put it simply, Facebook users prefer video advertisements to plain read-through ones. Because of this, the majority of the top brands release competitive video advertisements on Facebook.

Power of Facebook Video Ads

We can measure the success of an advertisement through its engagement rate. You have to capitalize on content with the highest engagement probability. Of course, that will depend on the platform. A video ad is a powerful type of content, especially on Facebook because of the following reasons:

1. High Engagement Rate

Facebook videos tend to have more engagement compared to other types of content. There is an estimated 6.13% average engagement rate for Facebook video ads. Additionally, Facebook users tend to dwell more on video content compared to static ads.

2. High CTR

Click-through rate or CTR is the ratio of clicks to ad impressions. Impressions are the number of times a user has seen your ads. Meanwhile, clicks represent the number of times a user interacted or “clicked” the ad. You can get this percentage by dividing the total clicks by impressions and multiplying their quotient to 100 percent. 

According to a 2017 study made by Wordstream, the average Facebook ad CTR is 0.90%. That is huge. Still,  some will depend on the nature of the advertisement. It can be as low as 0.47% to even higher at 1.61%.

Facebook video ads have inherently high engagement rates, which at the same time increases CTR. Not surprisingly, compelling videos tend to pique an audience’s curiosity. Thus, it forces them to stop scrolling and spend more time on that content. Grabbing the audience’s attention out of mindless scrolling is already a successful start to marketing your brand.

3. Facebook Wants Brands To Produce Video Ads

Facebook encourages brands to produce video content for advertisement. This encouragement is for the fact that Facebook videos tend to capture higher audience engagement rates. Aside from that, there are an estimated 1.25 billion viewers just on Facebook every month. Those are tons of eyes that you can reach out to for your products and services.

Facebook video ads challenge creativity to stand out among the sea of advertisements. Furthermore, you are not limited to only a frame or set of words to express your brand and product. Videos allow more creative freedom.

4. Mobile-First Video Advertising Reaches Younger Audiences

Mobile-first does not necessarily mean that only mobile devices have exclusive access to such. Instead, it is a form of web content designed for limited mobile capability. Thus, brands designing mobile-first videos can reach a wider audience with smartphones. 

 According to the April 2021 statistics made by Pew Research Center, 85% of the American population now owns a smartphone. That’s more than double the 35% record from the not-so-distant year of 2011. 

Adding to that, top age group users range from 18-29-year-olds. This encompasses the population of young adults.

The increasing population of mobile users opens broader marketing opportunities. It is also worth considering that young adults are more mobile dependent and have significant purchasing power. Thus, having your brand reach them establishes great grounds for engagement leading to profit.

Examples of Killer Facebook Video Ads

It is undeniably challenging to stand out among the vast sea of advertisements. But complicated does not mean impossible. Video campaigns open a whole lot of possibilities in the field of marketing.

This possibility is proven by some of the noteworthy video campaigns that broke past the “average.” Thus, attaining plenty of brand recognition and sales opportunities that they so well deserved. Let’s check them out and see what makes their ad work.

1.  Sephora

Facebook encourages brands to advertise using video content due to its high engagement rate. This is why plenty of video content is in circulation. Sephora is one of the brands that successfully capitalized on video campaigns. This Sephora campaign resulted in a whopping 41% click-through rate than any of their previous ads.

Facebook is pushing hard for video content and ads alike

What Makes This Ad Work? 

Well, the phrase here is that “it captures your attention.” Imagine seeing this on your feed; you’ll be intrigued and stop scrolling, right? It’s catchy while being efficient, and it showcases multiple promotions in seconds. In short, it’s fittingly to the fleeting attention span of Facebook users.


TOMS has a sensitive way of appealing to its audiences. They do not explicitly plaster their brands on advertisement but rather imply it by showcasing its community value. It greatly appeals to the masses because of their care and charitable intentions, as showcased in their video campaigns.

What Makes This Ad Work? 

It is by showing the “real important subjects” that made their campaign succeed. It significantly differs from standard advertisements that explicitly say “buy me” or “buy this.” Instead, they let their encompassing visuals and tagline do the work.

3. MeUndies

This intriguing, fast-paced video ad from MeUndies generated a whopping 40% increase in conversion rate. This tells another success of video ads carefully tailored to represent the brand while capturing engagements.

What Makes This Ad Work? 

Well, the humorous tagline captures your attention and sets the tone. The ad presents a quick promotion that showcases brand identity and products. Fast-paced and snappy, appealing to all genders.

4. HelloFresh

Another form of a distinguishable yet inelaborate video ad is this by HelloFresh. They allowed their product to do the magic—stunning visuals and capturing presentation, yet maintaining a considerably simple video production.

What Makes This Ad Work? 

This ad uses a dual video approach combining two videos into one package. The stop-motion contrasts a slow-motion video that successfully showcases the beauty of their product. It is a video ad that commands attention while keeping the production cost at a minimum.

5. Moo

This video ad by Moo is simple yet surprisingly attention-grabbing. It is practically just a repeating motion effect that lasts for a few seconds. It implements the concept of an “endless loop” technique which follows a series of waves or motions.

moo facebook video ad

What Makes This Ad Work?

It is simply different and oddly fascinating. Out of the busy Facebook feed you are scrolling, seeing this repeat motion could make you stop. It makes you wonder what this motion video is all about. And just by then, the ad does its job without you knowing it. This video ad capitalizes on curiosity.

Final Takeaways

Indeed, video campaigns possess excellent marketing potential. In the fast-paced and short attention span nature of Facebook users, videos do well in enticing engagements. What’s impressive about video ads is that it is only bound by imagination which is limitless. Make your Facebook video ads stand out among the customary advertising strategies by employing creativity.

Rocketium helps to formulate creative and personalized video campaigns for all brands. The goal is to capture the user’s attention and be recognized fast. Every brand needs to have carefully tailored video campaigns that represent and promote them.

Take note that Facebook video ads should be in line with IAB guidelines. Beyond that, advertisers have complete creative freedom. Most now work on individualizing their video ads to their advantage. The overall user insight increases brand familiarity and ultimately conversion. Thus, brands like yours can do the same.

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