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How to Optimize Your Facebook Ad Campaigns


With Facebook accounting for thirty-eight percent of the total online U.S. ad revenue, that is approximately $2 per $5 worth of Internet ads. Facebook continues to expand, so it plays a crucial role in every brand’s success in the future.

Through the years, you might have already encountered many Facebook Ads campaigns with terrible performance. Fortunately, there are ways to bring more traffic and sales through Facebook Ads. This point is where optimizing ads comes into play. In this article, we will look at how you can optimize your Facebook Ad campaigns.

Facebook Ads Campaigns

There are approximately 2.38 billion monthly active users on Facebook. It serves as the most famous platform in social media to boost and promote brands. One of its main features is the use of Facebook ads. 

Facebook ads present an inexpensive and strategic way to post brand content and promote products and services alike by expanding audience reach. It is capable of creating high-quality traffic and boosting conversion rates.

Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

If you are spending time, money, and effort creating and managing your Facebook adverts, you also want to make the most out of it. Still, many users struggle in reaching their target audience through the use of Facebook ads. 

If this also applies to you, then you probably need to optimize your Facebook ads. Please continue reading to know how to maximize your Facebook automated ads and improve their performance.

1. Manage Likes and Shares on Your Facebook Ads

The Facebook likes and shares serve as social proof that the audience likes your product and services. You can either form new ads per facebook campaign types and ad set or maximize an existing post. 

The “Use Existing Post” option is available to optimize your Facebook ad shares and likes. Think of it as an opportunity to gather all the campaign post engagements under one ad. You can expect to get hundreds of likes on your Facebook campaigns by using this tip.

Utilize the same post in setting up multiple ad campaigns, then publish the promotional post on your company’s Facebook Page. Take note that when you set up another ad campaign, you have to select this post.

2. Use the A/B Test for Your Contents

The best way to discover the top-performing ads is by using the Facebook A/B test. This test will help you determine what fits your brand best. In performing this test, identify which ad element has the highest impact on the audience that you are targeting. Typical ad elements with the highest ad impact are the following:

  • Ad placement
  • Ad design
  • Unique value offer
  • Campaign objectives
  • Bidding methods
  • Ad copy
  • Call-to-action buttons

Assign a UTM parameter to test various versions of your ad. These tags added after the URL can help you track your marketing campaign’s effectiveness. 

3. Check Your Targeting Preference

Identifying the right profitable target audience is crucial in every Facebook ad campaign. It would be best if you determined which gender and age group to target. Each group responds in different ways, so avoid wasting resources on the wrong group. 

Analyze gender and age group performance and invest in the right group to increase sales. Under Facebook Ads Manager, you can find “Reports” to analyze the categories that you need. Insights to guide you in deciding and refining your targeting preferences are also available.

4. Optimize Your Facebook Ads through the Help Influencers

Repurpose influencer-generated content is another intelligent way to optimize Facebook ad campaigns. These contents have great relevance and authenticity that are good for sales and promotions. Good content will help you gain and engage more customers quickly.

Influencer-generated content also aids in boosting the Facebook ad’s impact by creating more high-quality traffic and increasing your engagement rate and followers.

5. Try Facebook Pixels to Reach New Markets

Facebook Pixel helps in tracking conversions from Facebook adverts. It allows brands to form a lookalike audience to get more people with similar traits to your influencer’s target audiences. With this tool, you get to reach out to new markets, thereby widening your brand reach.

Facebook Pixel helps you in identifying target audiences with similar habits, behaviors, and interests. You can utilize the best-performing influencer-created content and establish new prospects as your target.

Setting Goals for Facebook Ads Campaigns

It is not enough to think about running ads for traffic or clicks. You need a call to action to increase sales. It is crucial to establish and comprehend your goals when starting Facebook ad campaigns. Always think of the three types of plans when you put Facebook ad campaigns:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion


The first stage entails telling people about your brand. The aim in this stage is to attract people to recognize your product or service.


In this phase, you acquire leads, drive web traffic, and gather contact information from consumers.


In this stage, customers perform actions such as purchasing your product or getting free trials which serve as the primary goal for most businesses.

Select which of these is most important for your business at present since it can change progressively. You also need to know if your Facebook ads are performing good using data. Check the different metrics for Facebook Ads that will frame the testing later on:

  • Cost per Click and CTR: It measures the number of people who click on the ad as a percentage. It differs from conversion rate since not all who clicks the ad will purchase or sign up.
  • Cost per Action: Cost per action indicates how much it costs to create a sale or make lead conversions to help in effective Facebook automated ads pricing.
  • Conversion Rate: It measures the number of people acting you need, such as subscribing to an email list or purchasing a product.
  • Frequency: Frequency indicates how often your ads are presented to every person before losing their effectiveness.
  • Spend and Return on Ad Spend: This metric indicates whether you are generating money from the ads you make or not.

Organizing Systems for Facebook Ads Campaigns

Testing ads is crucial for Facebook to boost its recommendations. Facebook is excellent for testing for a few facebook automated ads, but it can get complex when multiple ads are running all at once. Some programs like AdEspresso can help you in this step.  

AdEspresso runs a series of split tests to generate actionable and comprehensible data on the results. This program can save you many dollars spent on Facebook campaigns that are yet to be improved.

Important Data on Facebook Ads Campaigns

If your Facebook ad set is not performing well enough, you probably need more data and variables. With enough data, you easily track the Facebook campaign types’ results and make better traffic and sales. 

1. Details on Your Target Audience

You might have suitable Facebook automated ads, but your target audience does not see them. Refine your target to optimize your ads.

  • Location: various countries have different currencies, cultural backgrounds, and income levels; get countries with a higher income level and cultural interest in your services
  • Age: the age of your target customer determines how well something sells
  • Gender: the simplest for targeting audience
  • Language: target users with dialect familiarity
  • Detailed targeting: target consumers based on demographics, interests, or behaviors
  • Demographics: life scenarios derived by Facebook from a user’s profile
  • Interests: represent the kinds of activities and pages users prefer
  • Buying behavior: detailed information about buying practices of users.
  • Connections: shows ads only to those who like your page

2. Facebook Ad Campaigns Retargeting

Retargeting through Facebook Pixel sends ads directly to these users, contributes power to campaigns, and offers facebook optimization. Here are some practical retargeting strategies:

  • Targeting website visitors: targeting people who have visited your site since they already know what you have to offer
  • Pick out free trial users: retarget ads to trial users and potential customers by offering special promotions or reminders to sign up
  • Targeting abandoned carts: this continues to add customers while running and prompting customers to check out.

3. Management of Facebook Ad Campaigns

As a Facebook campaign manager, you can manage how Facebook runs your ads to save money and maximize your traffic and conversions.

  • Ads Scheduling: The best time to post on social media depends on demographics and time zones. Promote your content before and after work on weekdays. 
  • Objectives: Change your objectives to improve the cost-per-click of your Facebook lead generation campaign.

4. Placement for Facebook Ad Campaigns

Display options in Facebook ad campaigns play a crucial role in making a difference. These options can make a significant impact on the performance of your Facebook ads. Various ad placements provide facebook adverts with new prominence and make a dull campaign successful.

  • Desktop And Mobile: Mobile generates more than half of the overall Facebook ad revenue. However, ads are smaller with less text and attention span. Desktop users are more likely to read full-text articles.
  • Platforms: There are various platforms to run your ads. Most of these platforms are connected, like Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger.
  • Sidebar And News Feed: Facebook has improved to include news feed ads aside from the sidebars before. News Feeds are new and perform better compared to sidebars. There is more space to put full-size images and videos.

Rocketium helps in formulating targeted and personalized ads for customers who need creative advertisements. It is crucial to take note of making relevant display ads by utilizing targeted segments and adapted banners.

These segments and banners should be in line with IAB guidelines. Moreover, advertisers must use contextual messages in approaching visitors. Putting together user journey data can boost relevance and conversion thereby, engaging more users.

Final Takeaways

Facebook Ads campaigns are a smart way to increase sales. Businesses and users can increase their audience reach by simply posting Facebook ad campaigns to attract more people to their brand. Still, one must learn the proper ways of Facebook optimization to make the most of this tool. 

With the knowledge of Facebook optimization, businesses can experience the many advantages of Facebook Ads campaigns. These advantages include improving their marketing strategy, generating high-quality traffic, and gaining maximum profit. Learn more about boost conversions with targeted and personalized ads at Rocketium.

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