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Web banner creator

Drive sales using highly targeted web banner design that people want to click & convert.

Where can you use web banner?

How Zwende increased product conversions by 230% using personalized creatives

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  • Generate web banner templates in minutes utilizing your data

    • Use our API to send data such as image, text, logo to templates.
    • Generate web banner designs in multiple aspect ratios to perfectly fit any of your target placement.
    • Customize every web banner design to suit each of your cohorts.
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  • Enable sellers to create web banner, seamlessly

    • Use our software white label editor to add a button to your website.
    • When the seller clicks on it an editor window opens for the seller to create a personalized web banner.
    • The complete control over the features & template options is handed over to you to adhere to brand compliance.
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Tips to optimize conversions with web banner

  • Design to win

    Distribute the text & images strategically with the banner so that the product & offer details garner immediate attention from the prospects.

  • Impressive CTA

    Layout a clear expectation & establish immediacy with the right CTA.

  • Customers first

    Know your customer segment thoroughly before coming up with a web banner design & offer content.

  • Test web banner variations

    Create multiple web banner options in minutes to test them all & filter the best performing banner to boost promotions.

Looking for a solution to create web banners at scale?