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Drive grocery sales with banner automation.

Generate multiple grocery banners at scale promoting each category of products.

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  • Create grocery banners for each product category at scale

    • Use our API to feed images, captions, logos to template
    • Create grocery banners in multiple aspect ratios in seconds.
    • Customize the offer to each consumer cohort.
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  • Empower your sellers to create banner, instantly with ease

    • Use Rocketium code to generate a button on your website.
    • Sellers click on the button to create an image or video of their product used Rocketium editor.
    • Ensure design quality and brand consistency by choosing the features & templates visible to sellers.
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How an e-commerce giant is enabling its sellers to create display ads in minutes

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Tips to boost sales with grocery banners

  • High-quality images of products

    Use top-notch images to avoid pixelation & attract more shoppers to make a purchase decision.

  • Brand compliance

    Use colors & text that resonate best with your brand.

  • Clear call to action

    Create urgency with CTA. For ex. BUY NOW, LAST FEW OFFERS ONLY to increase CTR & conversions.

  • Banners unique to each persona

    To be effective use personalised banners to promote products.

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