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Video and banner ad maker by Rocketium

Use Rocketium's digital ad creator to make banner & video ads that convert. Create more than display & social media ads with custom templates generated using brand assets.

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Grow your business by localizing content & personalizing based on customer preferences.

  • Display Ads

    Create video and banner ads compatible with multiple display ad network in minutes.

    • Use pre-built templates or custom brand-compliant templates
    • Add text, image & CTA from multiple data sources.
    • Automatically create ads in any language, variants & aspect ratios.
    • Video advertisement maker that lets you personalize and publish instantly on various platforms.
    Learn how to automatically create display ads
  • Video Ads

    Use Rocketium' campaign to build videos & never miss an opportunity to attract leads.

    • Our video advertisement maker lets you customize using custom brand-compliant templates.
    • An Online ad maker simplifies ad making by importing content from multiple data sources.
    • Personalize at scale by creating customized videos for each cohort.
    • Publish video and banner ads instantly to any ad networks.
    Learn how to automatically create video ads
  • In-app Ads

    Increase brand visibility by running targeted banner ads in-app refreshed frequently.

    • Pick a pre-built template or customize the template for mobile optimization.
    • Update elements of the template using data from multiple sources.
    • Create banners variants with creative automation
    • Publish in-app ads directly from Rocketium's digital ad creator
    Running in-app campaigns redefined
  • On-brand ad maker

    Maintain consistency among all your advertising channels - Rocketiums advertisement maker allows you to create digital creatives that can be customized for brand compliance

    • Customize your online ads to a high degree - fonts, logos, color scheme and more.
    • Role-based approval system ensures your team adheres to brand guidelines
    • Repurpose, transition and export digital assets across channels
    Learn how our Digital Asset Management system makes this possible

How an e-commerce giant is enabling its sellers to create display ads in minutes

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Endless customization options to optimize the advertising campaigns at a faster pace using Rocketium's Ad maker

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, feel free to visit our Help Centre or contact us.

  • How do I make a video ad?

    1. Once you log in to Rocketium Campaign, choose from one of our readymade templates or build your own.

    2. Customize your design according to your requirements.

    3. Import your brand assets such as logos, fonts, colours, etc.

    4. Finally, export your design or share directly!

  • Why shouldn't I just pick a free ad maker instead?

    There are countless reasons why investing in Rocketium's ad maker is a wise decision in the long run, but let us share a few:

    1. User friendliness: Our ad maker requires zero design experience - extremely easy to use. No pesky pop ups and no complex jargon.

    2. Rocketium has one of the largest repositories of templates, UGC and stock content you will possibly find because we have partnered with stock content providers. You probably wont be able to find such high quality assets for free anywhere else.

    3. Endless customization options: You can create on-brand creatives according to your desired colour scheme, font, etc.

    4. Rocketium's ad maker is completely online, so no installation required. Cloud based infrastructure means you can use our tools wherever, whenever. Complete reliability.

    5. We provide live support around the clock and will even help you with custom requirements! Our 24x7 service will ensure that your custom requirements are catered to.

  • What types of ads can I make with Rocketium?

    You can create any kind of digital advertisement with ease, such as video ads, banner ads, social media ads and more.

  • Can I store my brand assets on Rocketium?

    Yes, Rocketium provides you a brand kit that enables to centralize all your digital assets for easy use.
    We have a multitude of other features that have been built keeping your exact needs in mind. We provide role based access, ability to modify the aspect ratios of your brand assets at the click of a button, automatic translation, and more. If you have the requirement of a custom use case we can assist you with that as well! Get in touch to know more.

  • I have a question about your banner and ad maker that is not listed here.

    No problem! Just drop us a message and we will be happy to assist you further.


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