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Keep these In Mind When Creating Video Content

Traditional forms of communication are changing and if you haven’t figured it out already, video communication is the next big thing. Undoubtedly, video marketing is the single biggest addition to your promotion toolbox. However, before approaching a video marketing strategy you might have certain doubts. Is it really worth considering videos for promoting a business? Is there enough resource to apply and implement into your video content marketing?

The answer is very much YES! Video is perhaps one of the most versatile and effective digital marketing tools out there. However, with tons of brands and businesses sharing video content, there is a risk of suffering from information overload. It is therefore imperative that your video content is well thought out and executed. Here are a few tips for video content marketing to keep in mind when preparing a video content strategy for your business.

1. Your Brand

brand for video content

The first thing to research upon are brand personality and assets. Quintessential to any marketing strategy is knowing your brand extremely well. Research is key to achieving this process. Understanding the brand’s vision or tonality of communication can help long way in creating a successful video marketing campaigns. A video that accurately depicts the brands message or offering is always more effective in reaching the right audience than a generic video production.

2. How to Select Right Audience for your Video

Every video marketing effort is directed at an audience. While some might focus on younger individual audiences, some target businesses while some aim at brand awareness goals. Whatever the target audience may be, the video you create must communicate to that segment and hit touchpoints such as tonality, design, illustrations, and choice of colours and fonts.

3. Tell A Story

Crafting a compelling story is quite the task! But it serves as the core attraction for any content creation effort. More so for a video where engaging the viewer through a storytelling format results in the highest attention span.

Inclusion of story into video marketing strategy is something B2B marketers often tend to ignore. To promote credibility to your own brand, and get your potential audience to remember you, try creating a story around the brand or product offering being made.

A great story not only compels but creates an impression in the viewer’s mind that might turn into action taking.

4. Publishing Platform

Marketers often make the mistake of oversharing or under sharing videos across platforms. There needs to be clarity in regard to the publishing platforms one should use when sharing video content. Every platform has its own unique audience, file type capabilities, and restrictions. Understanding the same can help in choosing the right mediums to share your content.

5. Call To Action

Marketers should make sure all the video content they create has a ‘call to action’ element at the end. The CTA prompts the viewer to not just watch the video, but to take impact actions after it. A CTA could be anything – from mobing the viewer into a purchase or to simply drive traffic to another page of yours, CTAs are essential to navigate the audience after they’ve viewed your video.

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