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When it comes to brand management, you need to do everything that is possible in your power to promote the brand and make a profit through the traffic received. The rising use of visual content, especially videos, indicates how necessary it is to advertise the business brand with the help of the videos.

There are several advertising networks for this purpose which you can use to increase the popularity of your video ads. These ad networks connect business brands with the publishers. Getting in touch with the ad networks benefits the brand and increases its income. Ad networks offer a video ad tag which when used within the video help in making money. It offers a lot of benefits but only if you have chosen the right advertising network.

Here are the five ways that will help you pick the right video ad networks:

1. Identify the target audience

This is the most common and finest way to look for suitable ad networks and probably the finest as well. Your ad needs to reach the right audience, never forget that. Next, you need to decide the number of people you want to reach with the video ad. If you are willing to reach a huge volume of people, you need to find an ad network which is capable of doing so.

For instance, a branding agency in Dubai would like to reach out to start-ups and individuals, who work hard to develop the business and this is why they would find ad networks which helps them do that. On the other hand, if you are willing to promote the video in a specific geographical region then you need to find ad networks that runs best in that area.

2. Look into the pricing structure of the ad networks

The second way to find the right video advertising network for your brand is to look into the detailed pricing structure of the ad network. This helps you to assess the features of the ad networks and decide whether you can afford it or not.

An essential feature is that your video ads must play on the smartphones. According to Cisco, by 2020 75% of the traffic will be video and this is why you as a brand shouldn’t look over this amazing opportunity to excel.

3. Does the network support various ad formats?

adsterra ad networks

Different ad formats available on Adsterra

There are multiple ad formats and the ad networks you choose must support a variety of video formats. This ensures that the video you have made would be supported by the networks and published at a good website. Different people tend to find different ad formats suitable for their video campaigns. Find the one that suits you best and then see whether the networks you have chosen supports it or not.

Here is a list of the different types of video ads you can experiment with!

4. Does it offer a good user experience?

One of the main things that every marketing and advertising service must offer is good user experience. By the user experience, I refer to the advertising account you’ll have on the network and the way it treats you. Answer these questions beforehand so that you know which network is suitable for your use and which is not:

  • How well do you find the service?
  • Is it good enough for your brand?
  • Can you optimize the account or not?

5. Estimate the ROI expected

roi estimation of ad networks

Image source:

Last but not the least, the sole purpose of investing in an advertising network is to get more customers for your brand and to increase the return on investment. The advertising networks run on the principle of CPM (cost per thousand impressions). This means that you will make money for every thousand ad views. The number of views required in making money differs for every network and you should keep this in mind while selecting the advertising network for your business.

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These are the top 5 ways which if followed, can help you choose the right video advertising network for your business promotion. The key to getting the perfect network lies in researching and comparing different aspects of the networks. The network that offers the most beneficial features is the one to go for!

Junaid Ali Qureshi

Junaid Ali Qureshi

Junaid Ali Qureshi is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig.
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