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Want to Make a Great Video? Read this first.

A major step in building a great video is using the right combination of the elements in your video. Your video must be visually appealing to your target audience, which means you must use the right fonts, colors, highlight the right words, time the animations and transitions with the music, etc.

Do you have a diagram pointing out your target segments based on the traits discussed here? 

A list of useful resources to guide you to select the right elements:

Font styling

Since 85% of the videos are played without music, it is upto the text to convey the message. In the Add Content screen of the Rocketium Editor, you will find various text styling options – bold, italicize, size, etc. Use them to modulate your text and draw the attention of the viewer.

  • Contact information (phone number, fax number, email id, skype id) is generally italicized.
  • Quotes are italicised, and the name of the person quoted is set to bold.
  • A number in the midst of text must be highlighted and its size increased (Viewers give more attention to a sentence with a number in it).

All these factors when taken into consideration, contribute significantly towards making a great video.

Niki from Drexel mentions a very interesting note – she says that fonts that are a little difficult to read require more time from the viewer to go through. This means more time for the user to process the information being conveyed and thus a higher chance of recollection. Quite a paradox!


Color is one factor that distinguishes a great video from a good one. Use colors to influence the mood of your video. If you want to grab attention to a particular piece of text, highlight it (from the Add Content screen) and select the highlight color (from the Preview & Customize screen).

  • Blue, green and violet hues tend to set a “cool, calm” mood.
  • Red, orange and yellow hues tend to set a “warm” mood.

Wield the power of colors by selecting text background colors, scene background colors, filters and colored overlays from the Rocketium collection.

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Must Reads:

  1. A detailed analysis of how colors associate to certain feelings and emotions by Joe Hallock.
  2. Infographic by Kissmetrics explaining relation between colors and gender.
  3. Research paper on Influence of Color, Shape, and Font Formatting on Consumers’ Perception


Apt music is unarguably the most influential element of a great video.

PsychologicalScience focusses on how music influences consumer behaviour and also on how auditory perception influences the monetary value of a product.

Rocketium segregates music tracks for your video by mood which you will find in a drop down option in the left panel of the Preview & Customize screen with music tracks that you can listen to before applying it.

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Head over to the Rocketium Editor now and create a video keeping these tips in mind!

Pulkit Jain

Pulkit Jain

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