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7 ways creative automation can help reduce creative production costs

Creative automation has revolutionized the way businesses and marketers solve the challenge of creative content production. By implementing software that owns the high-volume creative assets creation, you won’t just decrease the campaign turn around time but also free up teams of mundane tasks to focus on creativity.

Companies shell out huge sums of money to marketing teams and creative professionals for their talents. However, an important element many forget about is: they are still human. The output required for a company to position itself as a market leader is usually too high for workers to keep up with, and the likelihood of sub-optimal productivity and burnout is much higher. Why not enable your team members to focus on more “smart” tasks and leave the repetitive aspects of creative production to automation software?

What is Creative Automation? 

Creative automation is a process where users can create and deploy creatives on a large scale. With the help of technology, certain aspects of the creative process can be automated and the power of data can be harnessed to keep iterating improvements to the system – an elegant and effective solution for reducing creative production costs! 

Apart from this, creative automation improves the internal collaboration between teams by streamlining end-to-end workflows —from design and implementation all the way to feedback and approvals.

Creative automation has fundamentally changed the way brands digitally advertise — and for good reason. The benefits of implementing such technology have an incomparable impact on a brand’s bottom line. 

However, this process of creative automation is not as straightforward as it sounds. The nuances of technology lie in the ease of performing collaborative marketing. The effectiveness and intelligence of automation technology are in the ease of creating on-brand creatives using a custom template.

With that context set, let’s dive right into understanding how automation can help in reducing production costs. These features extend beyond simply reducing time, and some of the features are sure to impress you —

7 ways creative automation can boost your revenue 

Generating variants of creative assets 

Banner blindness is real. Creative variants can cut through digital noise for optimal performance of campaigns. Successful marketing teams are well aware that personalization is the key to success. However, this also means you will have to produce and launch content at a rapid pace without compromising on quality. In some situations, the resources you have are simply not enough to achieve this goal. 

This is where creative automation steps in. With the help of technology, certain aspects of building creative assets are automated, leading to faster turn around times and increased efficiency.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Being in geographical proximity with team members is no longer a limiting factor for delivering successful projects. With cross-functional collaboration, you can create, evaluate, rework, and distribute creatives as per campaign requirements over the cloud. 

Creative automation tools give you the ability to assign creatives to respective decision-makers for quicker review and rework to speed up time to market. 

Collaborative workflows also make it easier for team members to relay information at a faster pace, leading to quicker approval times. Since all communication can now be handled efficiently over the cloud, it improves collaboration. 

Scaling volumes of creatives

One of the biggest benefits of creative automation is the ability to increase the volume of output without needing extra resources. 

People are spending more time online than ever before, and this trend is only going to increase in the future. To grab the attention of your consumers, it is important to utilize as many channels as possible to win undivided interest. There should also be special care taken to ensure that communication is interesting, unique, and eye-catching. This is a tall order if team members are required to execute it manually since it is highly labor-intensive. The opportunity cost, along with the requirement of resources makes this a huge pain point for marketing teams. 

This is where creative automation steps in. By adding creative automation to your workflows, you can launch new content exponentially faster. This speed and scale are simply not possible manually.

Localization of creative content 

Venturing into new markets and expanding the reach is a task of its own. But with the localization of creatives launching and creating awareness has never been simpler.

With creative automation, a central team can deploy “master” templates which can then be re-purposed by regional teams.

The brand-compliant templates can be tweaked for a local appeal to resonate with the target demographics.

Reduction in manual errors

Another notary benefit is the ability to eliminate errors while building creatives on a large scale. If your team members are creating thousands of creatives every week, isn’t there a reasonable likelihood that some of them will be erroneous?

Automation software solves this problem instantly. Not only does it eliminate errors from manual creation, but also significantly reduces the probability of error from handling multiple campaigns and assets otherwise done manually.

Centralization of digital and brand assets

With creative automation, teams have the added benefit of storing, organizing, and distributing creative assets from one single source of truth. This assures consistent branding across all platforms, which is essential for proper brand consistency. 

A central repository for all your media files ensures ease of accessibility, and user-based permissions allow you to monitor usage. 

Besides this, you can also get real-time insights on the usage of individual assets for different campaigns. This data is immensely valuable as it will help you evaluate what works and what doesn’t.

Optimal execution of creative deployment

To illustrate how much automation can speed up and improve the management of your creatives, let us highlight a few examples:

  1. You have the ability to make changes on-the-go. This means you do not need to strip down creatives for maintenance or changes. 
  2. Creative automation gives you the ability to have 99% uptime – in other words, you can run media that is “always-on.”
  3. Your team gets more time to focus on tasks like conceptualization and ideation since all repetitive tasks are automated.

Cohesively, these functions result in much better deployment of creatives, leading to a high ROI and more successful campaigns.

Final Takeaways

There is no doubt that creative automation is extremely beneficial for reducing production costs. The benefits are undeniable, and there is even data to prove it.

With the changing landscape of digital advertising, it is almost impossible for businesses to compete with brands that embrace technology to automate the mundane. On the contrary, companies that are willing to embrace automation will ensure that their creative needs are fulfilled.

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