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The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything!

Remove design bottlenecks from your business workflows

Make and deploy creatives at mass scale. Customizable templates, connected workflows for quick turnaround.

90K+ Businesses across the world use Rocketium to make banners and videos

Why should you automate your creative production?

  • On-brand custom templates

    Ease your creative production process with custom templates

    • Create brand-compliant templates on Rocketium or import files from external creation software.
    • Customize creatives and automate the production of variants with spreadsheet or form integration.
    • Localize creatives to reach target audience in the language and region they are located.
    Create ads with customized templates
  • Generate variants anytime, from anywhere

    Create variants for all platforms using one master template

    • Aspect ratios as per the destination platform requirements.
    • Form-based interface to create variants to the layers of the template.
    • Publish directly with multiple channel integrations.
    Faster time to market with design automation
  • Cross functional team collaboration

    Collaborate as a team with zero geo-restrictions to create, evaluate, rework, and distribute creatives as per campaign requirements.

    • Collaborate as a team to set-up design guidelines and run the creative automation process.
    • Assign creatives to respective decision-makers for quicker review and rework to fasten time to market.
    • Cut down manual tasks and focus on more productive and creative tasks.
    Unlock opportunities with cross-functional team collaboration
  • Organize all digital and brand assets

    Store, organize and distribute digital assets from one single source of truth assuring consistent branding across all platforms.

    • Centralized storage for all your media to ensure ease of accessibility.
    • Manage user-based permission to view, edit, and download your digital assets.
    • Real-time tracking of usage of individual assets under specific campaigns.
    Standardize the process of organizing media files

Who benefits from automating creative production

Reduce the campaign turnaround time

Scale with no dependency on the design team

Behavioral targeting with relevant creatives to increase conversions

Excellent product and customer service. We plan on building an entire business around Rocketium's technology.

President and Founder, Bridge Digital

Design a master template & leave it to automation to create dozens of adapts in minutes.

Automate the redundant & focus on creativity.

Design creatives in compliance with brand guidelines.

Rocketium’s automation suite offers a ton of customization and is extremely easy to configure. It is core to our business and their team is just A1.

Ken Avenoso

Increase efficiency with automated video production for campaigns & promotions

Increase unit sales by standardizing creatives across channels

Maximize revenue by integrating creative automation with the custom workflow

We have integrated Rocketium's API with our CMS and our journalists are creating quality videos with an experience similar to writing an article.

Glanni Glorgetti


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Are you ready to adopt automated creative production?