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Creative Assets – The secret to maximized ROI from campaigns

Traditionally engaging an audience with a campaign would require just smart copywriting. But, the world has moved on, and consumer expectations have evolved with a shortened attention span.

Besides, creative assets play a crucial role in maximizing the campaign engagement rate. Great visuals help organizations not just to stand out from the noise but also set a clear differentiator in the minds of the target audience.

What are creative assets?

Creative assets are media files of any kind. Examples include images, videos, GIFS, rich media etc. These are digital files that are organized in a systematic manner using a DAM software.

The significance of creative assets

It’s not unknown that visual content stimulates reaction faster as opposed to plain text. As per a study, all it takes is 1/10 of a sec to take it all in. Visual storytelling beats the fragmented user attention span to win over digital fatigue and deliver valuable results. Of course, in its entirety creative assets play the role of a hero.

How creative assets ensure brand consistency?

Unorganized anything leads to chaos. It’s no different when it comes to managing creative campaigns. From overworked designers to delayed campaign time to market — the reason is the chaos in the management of creative assets.

Therefore, the path to a successful campaign begins with the implementation of the right digital asset management software that supports real-time, cloud-based storage, and sharing of digital assets.

A centralized, single source of truth for all assets ensures collaborative marketing of the highest order. Teams can work together on creative projects to ensure consistency in design. In short, the goal is to establish design relevance and maximize brand recall amongst customers.

By using creative assets that follow the set brand guidelines, brands enjoy ensured brand consistency.

The secret to maximized campaign ROI – Creative Assets

It’s not enough to use visual content —but using the right visual content matters. Elaborating on this, the brand team sets the asset guidelines, the marketing team sets the campaign requirements, and the design team creates. The collaboration to enable seamless communication across teams can set the campaign on the right track from the get-go.

Tags to sort through creative assets instantly

Once the campaign requirements and design guidelines are set, its time to sort creatives with an intention to re-use or re-purpose. The ease of access and retrieval of digital assets is based on the tags attached to saving. Hence, with a simple search and filter functionality, the stored creative assets are now accessible to be used in the campaign.

If the current campaign is to promote tees and a similar campaign was run in the past – brands can retrieve the digital assets with tags to re-use relevant and re-purpose the rest. This frees up for designers to focus on creativity and make marketers a lot less dependant on designers to choose the right creative assets for the campaign.

Usage report to standardize creative asset

The brand elements are prone to change. Rebranding is a common phenomenon to give a fresh new look and perspective to the brand. The point to note here is the timely clean up of the older assets to avoid dubiety. Mind you, this is only one such large occurrence. There are multiple occurrences where digital assets could no longer be valid.

To sum it up, brand consistency, and reputation across channels matter. Hence, the internal and external stakeholders need access to the right assets consistently. Regular audits combined with usage reports can ensure decreased campaign turn around time and maximized productivity using the right creative assets.


The efficient management of creative assets is crucial to brands’ success in the long run. From saving time to cutting costs turn the focus towards creative projects and creativity decisively.



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