catalyst mdc a marketing agency from australia uses rocketium

Marketing Agency from Australia Wins Big Time With Rocketium

Videos at scale, Facebook ads, $50K in donations. Catalyst MDC operates a virtual bench of digital freelancers, consultants, and partners from Australia and around the world. They have a dedicated team working on digital advertising, content development, social media management, graphic design, and video production. Bill, the head of planning and implementation, knew that video was eating all other content formats on social for breakfast and that conversions on videos were orders of ...

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milaap - the largest crowd funding platform

How Rocketium helped the Largest Crowdfunding Platform in India raise $70k

Meet Milaap The largest crowdfunding platform in India, Milaap is enables social development through an online peer-to-peer model. This means that you can go on to their website, and kickstart fundraising campaigns for yourself, charities you support or even your loved ones. These campaigns can be for education, sports, healthcare, disaster relief or personal causes. Milaap is soon becoming the go-to platform for funding cancer treatment, transplants and other critical emergencies. How Rocketium fits in the ...

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How India’s Largest Startup-Focused Digital Media Company is Leveraging Videos

About YourStory YourStory is India’s largest startup-focused digital media company. It publishes stories about entrepreneurs and change-makers. YourStory offers a glimpse into the emerging trends from India’s booming entrepreneurial ecosystem. It has published close to 60,000 stories and helped more than 50,000 entrepreneurs access networking and funding opportunities. We got into a conversation with Aaron, the Digital Head of YourStory. Here are few interesting insights: Need for videos In India, YourStory goes toe-to-toe with ...

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How to Scale Video Production Efficiently

It is simple to manage videos if you rarely make them. It is easier to track who was involved and how the script of the video content was built. But what happens when you scale video production and have multiple video campaigns running simultaneously? What do you do when you want to know who was involved in making a particular video? How do you manage video creation, review, distribution and ...

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Rocketium and Soundstripe : Create Videos with Premium Music

We're excited to partner with Soundstripe and give access to a new collection of over 10,000 royalty-free background music tracks, for our users inside Rocketium. How to use Soundstripe tracks in Rocketium? You'll find these background music tracks inside your Rocketium Editor. STEP 1: Go to the Editor Visit, or access it from inside your Dashboard. STEP 2: Click on 'Continue' After you've decided the video script and have added your content, click CONTINUE to process to the ...

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Access over 65 billion UGC in Rocketium

Rocketium is excited to announce a new integration with Lobster. This integration gives our users access to 65 billion UGC (User Generated Content) within Rocketium. To know the importance of UGC in your videos, you can give this article a read. How to use Lobster images in Rocketium? You'll find these images inside your Rocketium Editor. STEP 1: Go to the Editor Visit, or access it from inside your Dashboard STEP 2: Click on 'Search' STEP 3: Enable ...

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