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Beyond the Static: Supercharge your campaigns with video production at scale

Video has been one of the breakout trends in the marketing world in the last few years. The skyrocketing popularity of video marketing can be attributed to the fact that it begets results. Video communications drive up to 47% higher engagement than static images. That’s not all, marketers who use video achieve up to 49% higher revenue compared to the ones that bank on static rich media.

The coming of social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram reels, Snapchat, etc has breathed new life into video marketing. They have unlocked the door to rapid storytelling and bite-sized entertainment which is quite appealing to the younger audience who consume a colossal amount of video content.

Hence given the effectiveness of video marketing, it is imperative for businesses to adapt to this changing customer behavior with video-driven marketing strategies. To support this, creative teams need to scale video production to enable personalization at scale and localization for customer cohorts. This means expanding production capacity, adapting videos to various sizes and formats, creating variants for testing, and publishing to digital channels.

Why video production can be a challenge for enterprises

However, despite its popularity and effectiveness, most enterprises find video production at scale complex, expensive and time-consuming. Creating high-quality videos can be an expensive process. It calls for appropriate equipment, editing software, and dedicated professional talent as well. Many enterprises are reluctant to invest that level of resource in video making, be it in terms of money or manpower.

That’s not all, the added layer of motion makes brand compliance an even bigger challenge. Maintaining a consistent brand look and feel across all video marketing efforts is harder than it sounds, especially if different teams or contractors are involved in producing the content. Lastly, the distribution part is no less of a challenge as the format and file size need to be optimized for different devices, internet speeds, and platforms.

So, in order for brands to overcome these struggles they can either choose to invest in high-end equipment and hire an in-house talent pool or outsource this entire operation to an external agency. Both of which are going to be quite expensive and time-consuming. Or they can opt for the third way by embracing an agile CreativeOps platform like Rocketium which enables enterprise teams to scale video production efficiently and at lower costs. With the power of automated creative production and seamless creative operations, Rocketium can make video production a breeze! Let us show you how.

How Rocketium enables video-powered campaigns

Go live faster with AI-powered video production.

Our NextGen video production capabilities come with powerful video creation tools like timeline view, keyframe manipulation, and real-time scrubbing that enable your design teams to produce bespoke videos at scale. The simple and easy-to-use interface eliminates any steep learning curve allowing designers to create stunning videos right from the get-go.

Drive awareness with Multi-channel publishing

We saw how one of the key challenges of video production is to ensure that the videos are adapted for the different channels of distribution. Different platforms have different guidelines in terms of dimension, size, formats, etc, and catering to each one of those platforms manually can indeed be a monotonous process. With Rocketium, bid farewell to the monotony and frustration of manual resizing and edits. Reach your customers where they are with video formats suitable for various channels across the customer lifecycle. Produce in formats such as HTML, GIF, and MP4 to suit all your requirements.

Boost engagement with Personalized videos at scale

Like static ads, video ads need to be personalized too. Leverage Rocketium’s inbuilt content feed to adapt a video template to thousands of personalized variants in mere seconds. Publish in bulk to all relevant digital channels and reap the benefits of high engagement on your campaigns.

Success Story: How Jumia drove higher  sales with video ads for 1M+ products

Jumia, Africa’s largest online marketplace, has more than 1 million products in its catalog, a number that keeps on expanding. In order to drive sales, this online giant decided to scale video advertising at pace with its rapidly growing catalog. However, its creative team lacked the tools and processes required to produce videos at that humongous scale. The other expensive and time-consuming alternative was to outsource the task to an agency.

Jumia decided to go the third way with Rocketium whose powerful video production capabilities enabled Jumia to boost video production in-house with minimal costs. The team effortlessly produced and went live with thousands of video ads. By advertising more products in video formats, this leading eCommerce platform drove higher conversions and maximized sales revenue.

Be it image or video production at scale, our mission has always been to uncomplicate the seemingly complicated. Want to experience the future of video production? Write to us at

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