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Brand-compliant ecommerce videos

Built exclusively for Shopify, Rocketium is used by e-commerce website owners from over the world to make videos in minutes.

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Why use ecommerce video marketing

Ecommerce product videos convert 12X better as compared to text or image ads.

  • Ready made video templates

    Increased conversions with videos within a week.

    • You don’t need to hire an agency or a team of experienced designers and dedicated video editors to make a video. We have it ready for you! Use this template upload screenshots of your product and put it up on your website.
    Use readymade templates
  • Multiplied conversions

    Increased revenue from returning customers.

    • Make listicle videos of new products and collections. Send different videos to users based on their purchase history and items browsed. Use dedicated e-commerce video templates to save time!
    Personalize videos according to user preferences
  • Email campaigns

    Build stronger, more impactful email campaigns.

    • Announce your promotions, sales, and offers by putting a promo video inside your emails. Make personalized videos in bulk. See a 20% improvement in sales by providing a personalized experience to your existing customers. No design or coding experience.
    Learn about the power of videos in email marketing
  • Eliminate cart abandonment

    Convert abandoned carts to successful purchases.

    • An abandoned cart is the biggest enemy of e-commerce platforms. Make cart abandonment videos with Rocketiums easy to use e-commerce video maker to solve this issue and increase sales.
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Custom videos that match your brand identity.

  • Brand compliant

    All videos are set up to make sure they comply with your brand guidelines.

  • Controlled flexibility

    Complete control over the logo, brand palette & fonts.

  • Faster time to market

    Distribute directly to multiple channels with custom integrations.

  • Templates

    Custom templates for intro's & outro's to create engaging videos.

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