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Video Animation: Everything You Need to Know

Video animation  plays a vital role in viewer engagement. As a video producer, you need to know where to include animated overlays, and when to use animated transitions. Let’s start with the basics.

What is an animated overlay?

Video Animation could be in the form of an animated overlay – it is a confined graphical object that changes its visual appearance as a result of cycling through a sequence of graphical updates or as a result of external influences.

OK, so simply put, an animated overlay is a sequence of images that are animated and are sometimes put in an indefinite loop. When you make a video, you place an animated overlay on top of the media content of your video.

What is an animated transition?

Another type of video animation is animated transition. When referring to video or a slide a transition is an effect that happens between each slide or scene of your video. Do you remember using Microsoft Power Point and its set of transitions? You can replicate the same concept to a video, except each slide is now a scene of the video.

What are the types of overlays that I can use?

There are 2 types of overlays that you can use in your videos. They are looped and non-looped overlays. Looped overlays run for an indefinite time in the same pattern, i.e. the sequence is repeated indefinitely. Non-looped overlays, on the other hand, only run for the specified time period.

When do I use video animations?

Video Animation is best used in scenes which have only an image instead of a video clip. You can also use animated overlays in scenes where you don’t have any images.

You can also use animated overlays to highlight your text. A good tip to follow is to keep in mind that the color of your text and the color of the overlay you choose should complement each other. You shouldn’t be using a color that dominates your text as it will distract the viewer from the message you wish to convey.

Here are some tips to select the right color palette for your video

There is another type of animation that you can use in your videos. It is called Dynamic Text Background. This is an animation for the background of the text and captions in your video.

Once again, you’ll have to keep in mind the color combination of the dynamic background and the caption. The background is meant to complement the text, not dominate it.

Dynamic backgrounds also attract the attention of your viewer immediately to the text. So a good way to use this is for captions that you want your viewer to pay more attention to.

Where Can I Get a Good Collection of Video Animation?

Rocketium houses a huge collection of animated overlays, transitions and dynamic backgrounds. You can create an account for yourself and access the animations inside the Rocketium Editor.

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