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Funnel Based Ad Creatives for Facebook – Everything You Need to Know


Besides creating good landing pages on Facebook, you must also use funnel-based ad creatives to optimize your marketing and sales. Funnel-based ad creatives should contain valuable information for prospects to enable them to make decisions. Read on to learn everything you need to know about funnel-based ad creatives.

Funnel Based Ad Creatives for Facebook

The key to business success and more conversions is to have the best funnel-based ad creatives or ad copy for Facebook and target the right audiences. Running a profitable full-funnel ad strategy on Facebook may seem hard at first, but it will be a lot easier when you understand how it works.

Facebook has three campaign objective options that advertisers can use. The aim of campaign options is awareness, consideration, and conversion.

It is vital not to overlook the objectives, bid strategies, optimization settings, and budget selections when creating campaigns.

Facebook ad auction depends on algorithmic learning for the settings mentioned when forming decisions. It is essential to determine the right signals and monitor critical data to allow the algorithm to optimize your ads based on your marketing goals.

Top Practices for Ecommerce Facebook Ad Creatives

Facebook Ad creatives are vital to have successful e-commerce ads. Aside from using various Facebook Ads strategies, making excellent ad creatives in Facebook also boosts performance and increases sales. With this, it is vital to know the top practices to have the best Facebook ads creatives.

1. Start with Top of Funnel Creatives

Top of the funnel creatives targets potential customers that are yet to get to know your brand. These customers are people who have never landed on your website. Potential customers can also be people that are yet to purchase from your brand.

The Facebook ad creatives you present them should show your brand’s products and their significance, and the benefits that customers can get. You can also incorporate what your product is ready to offer the market and all of your product’s vital features.

It is also recommendable to put previous feedback from past customers. Incorporating past transaction feedback is excellent proof to show your potential customers that your business is trustworthy.

2. Make Middle of the Funnel Ad Creatives

Middle-of-the-funnel creatives differ from top-of-funnel ad creatives such that the former targets potential customers that already have past interactions with your brand. However, these potential customers present similarities to those targeted top-of-funnel ad creatives that they have yet to purchase in your store.

These potential customers are people who have previously shown interest in your brand. It is crucial to present various aspects of your product using Facebook creatives in this part.

Your middle-of-the-funnel ad creatives should consist of videos with product unboxing for goods and taste testing for food products. If your brand is promoting clothes, you can make Facebook ad creatives that focus on mixing, matching, and trying on clothes.

It is also recommendable to create reaction videos for various products and in-use videos for tools. These facebook creatives allow you to present more about your brand’s products while encouraging potential customers to purchase from you.

3. Organize Bottom of the Funnel Ad Creatives

In organizing Facebook ads to the bottom of the funnel, you want to target customers that reached your website but are yet to make future purchases. You must focus on Facebook creatives that directly present your product’s advantages and address any objections that these customers might have.

You can also do product review videos and testimonials from previous customers under the bottom of the funnel ad creatives. If you want to expand in this part, you can also look for review videos from competitors and check samples of product experiences. 

4. Try Different Ideas for Facebook Ad Creatives

Trying various ideas is crucial in improving your Facebook ad creatives. Do not be afraid to use the ideas that you have in your mind. By doing so, you can find the best way to achieve optimum e-commerce creatives.

Do not forget to repeatedly test your ideas which is vital for great marketing. Choose which ideas and angles convert best after trying and testing them. You also have the option to test all of your ideas simultaneously if you have enough budget to do it. 

An example of an idea is using creative carousel ads. Creative carousel ads display more images and videos from previously personalized ads based on a brand’s identity.

5. Maximize the Facebook Ad Library 

Using the Facebook Ad Library to check on your competitors and other great brands in the e-commerce market is another thing you can do. This tool enables users to exactly view competitors’ ads and get facebook ad creative examples.

It is recommendable to allow ample time in stalking competition and other brands to be aware of what others are doing. Subsequently, awareness of competitors’ actions can help you in determining what you can do.

You can improve and make your brand unique using the Facebook ad creative examples that you see. Moreover, this method helps you in looking for practices that you can adapt to your brand.

Steps in Forming a Full-Funnel Advertising Strategy

Forming a full-funnel advertising strategy alongside Facebook Objectives can also help you in increasing sales. Here, we listed the steps in developing a full-funnel advertising strategy that you can follow.

Step #1: Know the Mechanism of Marketing Funnel

It is common knowledge that you should first understand how the marketing funnel functions. This funnel serves as the path for e-commerce marketing activities. Knowing what your marketing funnel looks like will help in optimizing cross-funnel strategies. Ask yourself the following:

  • Which channels and sources of brand discovery can your prospects use?
  • What milestones can your new customers expect?
  • What offerings can you match to the milestones?
  • How long is the transition from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel?
  • What leaks do you have in your marketing funnel, which are potential points to lose prospects?

Step #2: Organize Your Facebook Ads account

You can organize your Facebook Ads account by structuring it. Structuring your account can help you manage and optimize your Facebook ad campaigns in line with your business’s aims.

Take note of proper targeting, bid strategy, optimization settings, and budget. Each ad set should contain your ads where you can modify your offers, creatives, and messaging. Build campaigns parallel to your marketing funnel stage and compare your performance with the ad set view.

Step #3: Establish Objectives and Types of Targeting

The next step is to establish objectives based on the funnel next and determine the types of targeting you will use. You must utilize appropriate targeting types for each ad set. With the right target type, you can achieve your campaign’s objectives. 

Facebook provides advertisers with various options for targeting. These options allow users to gather specific audiences that suit their brand. That is to say, audience targeting involves people gathered directly from Facebook’s core audience options (behaviors, demographics, and interests).

It can also involve people from the user’s data (visitors of the website and audiences that are both custom and lookalike). Targeting must progress in segments while prospects move down the funnel, thereby focusing on users with better qualifications.

Step #4: Engage Customers

Utilizing Engagement Custom Audiences is the best way to move prospects through the funnel of Facebook marketing. It enables users to reach customers that have previous interactions with your Facebook page.

Here are some guides to help you in using engagement audiences to increase your funnel strategy from beginning to end:

  • Guide 1
    • Create an engaging video that utilizes an awareness campaign objective with a broad audience targeting to reach more potential prospects.
  • Guide 2
    • Form a consideration campaign and a lead generation objective while targeting people’s previous video engagements from the first guide. You can use the lead-gen ad to promote more content.
  • Guide 3
    • Build conversion campaigns targeting people who accomplished the lead ad and encourage them to convert on product-centric offers. This guide will help you move prospects towards the bottom of your funnel.

Engagement Custom Audiences are a suitable type of targeting to increase your organic reach within the campaigns you pay. Therefore, it is a chance to coordinate with your team and match your paid and organic efforts in nature. Above all, Engagement Custom Audiences equate to a lower cost per acquisition.

Step #5: Check Settings and Conversion Regularly

You can reach your marketing goals by observing the proper settings, including conversion events and optimized ad delivery settings. Conversion events come with ad sets falling under conversion campaigns since conversion objectives depend on outside signals to allow optimization. 

At the ad delivery setting optimization, you can tell the algorithm your basis for ad set success. You can have varying goals for each part of the funnel, so it is vital to update your ad delivery optimization.

Why Funnel Based Ad Creatives Are Important

Intense funnel-based creativity is essential to increase sales and optimize marketing. Using these ad creatives ensures that they will possess the critical information they need to decide once prospects reach the brand’s website.

Placing product reviews and leaving places to raise questions and answers in your pages can increase your Facebook conversions. Moreover, these methods can help users run better ads since Facebook measures the amount spent in contrast to the total conversions. 

A more significant number of conversions equate to a lower overall CPA. Referral marketing can increase sales by having your top customers share your business with their family and friends. With an increasing number of companies, you must maintain your position or be ahead of the crowd.

Extra Tips on Funnel Based Ad Creatives

One of the common mistakes of users in setting funnel-based ad creatives is selecting the wrong objective. Since you are using a conversion-focused campaign, a helpful tip is to use various conversions for monitoring and optimization. Maximize the use of custom and standard modifications.

It is recommendable to select the conversion type that occurs about 50 times per week per ad set since they are more formidable. Facebook requires 50 conversions to view users and analyze them to gather more users with similar traits. 

Final Takeaways

Facebook offers advertisers great opportunities to gather more potential prospects and mobilize existing leads using funnel-based ad creatives. Using the tips, steps, and guides in this post, you can expect to have an advertising strategy that entices more prospects and maximizes your advertising results.

In running funnel-based ad creatives, you should continue to improve your ads by trying new Facebook ad creative examples and testing them for new prospects. Creating better offers also helps in account optimization and scaling. 

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