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Create images from structured data automatically

Send relevant information from your database to Rocketium and generate multiple images. Perfect for personalized campaigns and bulk generation of visual creatives.

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Rocketium as a creative image creator for all sectors

  • Real creatives

    Make creatives for ALL your Real Estate properties.

    • Automatically create images with property data like photos, location, size, price, and the contact info of the agent, or add custom info!
    • Create in bulk, or different aspect ratios for all your platforms
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  • Creative E-commerce

    Make image banners for ALL E-commerce products in minutes

    • Embed a form onto your website and collect information from campaign participants.
    • Rocketium will use this data to create images in over 100 vernacular languages in real-time.
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  • Sales templates

    Personalize preset image layouts for sales campaigns.

    • Use simple form inputs to generate banners
    • Create multiple variants of the same image ad banner
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  • Test variants

    Create multiple A/B variants for ad campaigns

    • Test your banner ad variants to optimize your conversion process
    • Effectively deploy ad variants and gauge performance using data
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