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Spreadsheet to image maker

Convert Google Sheet inputs into image banners with Rocketium's image automation plugin. Use custom and preset templates to generate multiple branded assets in minutes.

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Why you should use Rocketium's spreadsheet to image maker

  • Convert spreadsheet data into images

    Our tool enables you to convert spreadsheet information into images within minutes. No technical experience required.

    • Add text and images in a spreadsheet.
    • Use custom preset image layouts to auto-generate assets
    Convert your spreadsheets to images
  • Personalize image assets dynamically

    Personalize your banners to make them more appealing and relevant

    • Create image banners with personalized data based on user properties
    • Dynamically change banners based on user behaviour. Perfect for retargeting ad campaigns
    Personalize your videos and banners
  • Automate your image creation workflow

    With Rocketium's multiple integrations you can instantly share to social media or automate your workflow with other applications

    • Push image assets to Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram directly from the spreadsheet
    • Use tools like Zapier to build advanced workflows.
    Improve efficiency with creative automation

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