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Unlock Growth Experiments - US Edition

Identifying The Ultimate Metrics: The North Star Metrics


Growth Folks and Rocketium are collaborating once again to bring the finest and highly insightful webinar with the industry leaders specifically targeting the US Market. The overall theme of the event is going to be around “Unlocking Growth Experiments” where we will try to talk about various kinds of Growth Experiments, Mindset, Real-life case studies, learnings, and everything revolving around Growth Processes and Experiments.

The first session of this series will be about “Identifying the Ultimate Metric: The North Star Metric”. For this particular event, we will be having our beloved Anuj Adhiya as the speaker for this event. This 90 mins workshop will help you understand what a North Star Metric is and how to identify one for your business.

Key Discussion Points

  • What a North Star Metric Is and why it is important
  • Why revenue is not a good North Star Metric
  • A framework for identifying your own North Star Metric and how to think about growing this key number

About the speaker