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GrowthShops: Unlock Growth Experiments

Learn the tips and tricks of the growth trade from industry practitioners. Find out how to run growth experiments to acquire, convert, and retain users.

Key Takeaways

  • Best practices to conduct growth experiments to acquire, convert and retain customers.

  • Practical tips and tricks to boost conversion rates, user acquisition, and retention.

  • Key aspects of segmentation and how to A/B test campaigns.

  • Factors and parameters to consider while setting up a campaign.

About GrowthShops

In today’s world, apps have become our companions. From utilities, productivity, entertainment to financial transactions and social interactions, apps are embedded in our daily lives. It’s needless to say that visually rich elements have become the core and the edge for these apps, capturing all the attention.

But the question remains – how can growth practitioners leverage prime real estate to unlock growth. And while data remains the bedrock, how can brands leverage these signals to drive engagement, conversion, and acquisition through personalized content. Is In-App content strategy the answer?

Growth folks & Rocketium present a series of GrowthShops from growth practitioners for fellow growth marketers. Growthshops would feature industry practitioners to uncover strategy & tactics in a 90min insightful session. A highly recommended session for Digital Marketers, Growth Marketers, Performance Marketers, User Acquisition & Retention leads.

Growth Chapters

  • Chapter 1: Acquisition

    In this session, Rubi Gupta will share the best practices to conduct A/B tests before setting up experiments, the challenges involved, and ways to analyze and measure the performance.

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  • Chapter 2: Retention

    In this session, Yatin Garg will share the best practices to retain the users. He will cover the various types of campaigns, the parameters for experimentation, and what factors to consider while setting up any retention campaign.

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  • Chapter 3: Conversions

    Raghav will cover what’s contextual targeting & messaging, and deep dive into lifecycle-based cohorts and use case-based cohorts. He will also share his learnings from UC, UberEats, and a few growth experiments that can help you improve conversion rates.

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