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Creative Automation delivers faster and more relevant campaigns

Automate the creative production process with templatized creation, feed-based scale, and multi-point integration. Tap into AI-powered resizing of creatives and copywriting for unmatched go-live timelines.

Businesses across the world use Rocketium to make banners and videos

How can creative automation be a game changer for your brand?

  • Win with on-brand custom templates

    Make the most of creative automation with custom templates

    • Create brand-compliant templates on Rocketium or import existing files
    • Customize templates with over 200 design styling options and lock edit access for brand control
    • Edit images, remove background, import from links or add and style elements
    Create ads with customized templates
  • Generate variants anytime, from anywhere

    Create variants for all platforms using one master template

    • Auto-resize to different aspect ratios, power with strong, creative copies generated with the AI-writer
    • Form as well as data-feed based interface to create variants to the layers of the template
    • Publish directly with multiple channel integrations
    Faster time to market with design automation
  • Collaborate cross-functionally

    Hand off repetitive manual tasks to our creative automation tool. Create, evaluate, rework, and distribute visuals at warp speed.

    • Create without feedback loops eating into productivity. Tag, comment, revise and work in real-time
    • Assign statuses to creatives, keep teammates accountable, manage project stages and simplify workflows
    • Cut down manual tasks and focus on more productive and creative tasks
    Unlock opportunities with cross-functional team collaboration
  • Organize all digital and brand assets

    Store, organize and distribute digital assets from one single source of truth assuring consistent branding across all platforms

    • Centralize storage for all your assets and media to ensure hassle-free accessibility
    • Manage user-based permission to view, edit, and download your digital assets
    • Track usage of individual assets under specific campaigns in real-time
    Standardize the process of organizing media files

Who benefits from creative automation?

Rocketium is a CreativeOps platform that leverages creative automation to help enterprises take their communication to market faster and at lower cost. Do more with your teams, processes and tools, and boost revenue.

Reduce the campaign turnaround time

Scale without dependency on the design team

Target as per user behavior with relevant creatives to increase conversions

Creative Automation Success

How Rocketium helps deliver customized creative automation strategies to our clients

Rocketium streamlines our time-consuming design process across app assets and digital marketing. It has solved the problem of customizing creative volume while empowering the team to be self-sufficient.

Rahul Deorah
Vice President of Growth - Urban Company

Design a master template & leave it to automation to create dozens of adapts in minutes.

Automate the redundant & focus on creativity.

Design creatives in compliance with brand guidelines.

Creative Automation Success

How Rocketium helps deliver customized creative automation strategies to our clients has benefited immensely from Rocketium. We can now automate a lot of redundant design tasks and enable our storefront team go live with campaigns much faster.

Shreeya Malpani
Creative Director,

Increase efficiency with automated video production for campaigns & promotions

Increase unit sales by standardizing creatives across channels

Maximize revenue by integrating creative automation with the custom workflow

Creative Automation Success

How Rocketium helps deliver customized creative automation strategies to our clients

We could never have imagined launching such a marketing campaign if we had to create these banners manually. We are quite amazed at the technology built by the Rocketium team.

Damini Mishra
Senior Product Manager, KhataBook


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