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How Rocketium Help You Personalize User-Journeys Across Customer Cycle?

  • Display Advertising

    Increase click-through rates and retarget your customers with highly engaging display ads at scale. Refresh creatives, experiment more often to find what users want and go to market as soon as an idea inspires you!

  • In-app Merchandising

    Boost mobile conversion rates with personalized in-app visuals. Get as creative with in-app strategies as you would with ads and create 5X more revenue impact.

  • Push Notifications

    Increase user engagement, improve customer retention, and earn loyalty with its rich push media features. Enrich user experience with recurring, contextual push notifications that are automated.

Our Success Stories: A Must-read

  • Urban Company’s marketing team reduced campaign lead times by 8x

    Learn how Urban Company transformed the way their marketing teams create and manage creatives by decoupling the creative and production processes using Rocketium.

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  • Learn how Urban Company’s marketing team reduced campaign lead times by 8x
  • How transformed its mobile storefront experience with Creative Automation

    How achieved 5-fold faster storefront refresh while launching a new campaign and launch 3x more hyper-targeted campaigns every month.

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  • Find how transformed its mobile storefront experience with Creative Automation
  • How KhataBook, enabled personalised seasonal marketing for its merchants?

    How they empowered their merchants to create a festive buzz on their social handles through personalized visual creatives.

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  • Find out how KhataBook, enabled personalized seasonal marketing for its merchants

Explore Rocketium To Personalize & Scale Your Customer Journey

What Are The Key Capabilities Of Rocketium?

  • Custom template designer to create on-brand visual templates at scale.

  • Create Ad campaigns and publish them to the Facebook Ad manager directly.

  • Adobe PS and AE imports to set up brand-compliant, custom design templates

  • Feed-based Automation with spreadsheet data and API integrations.

  • Brand and Digital asset management with Role-based access to create, edit, store and share your assets.

  • Dynamic Links to auto resize visuals and personalize the experience, as creatives change.

  • Multi-language support to personalize your visuals and campaigns for audiences across the globe.

  • Integrations with various platforms to deliver campaign creatives -- to ad partners, social channels, in-app, CRM contacts, or a storage solution.

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