The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything!

Stay in sync and collaborate effortless across campaigns

Ideate, iterate, and create campaign assets collaboratively, from a single, user-friendly creative automation system. Enable all teams to contribute without multiple, asynchronous threads.

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Work with different team members across workspace

One workspace, multiple contributors. Build a virtual home for projects, where different users can access the same screen, work on campaign assets, share files, and draw from the same repository.

The team at Groww collaborates to rapidly experiments at scale

The processes at Groww are both agile and meticulous, fueled by Rocketium’s collaborative automation solution. They have seen a massive spike in CTRs, through timely experiments.

Fine-grained roles and permissions

Strike the right balance between privacy, clutter-free experiences, as well as permissions that give teams the productive solution to work out of. Enable non-designers to independently iterate on copy and improve CTRs.

Purplle: Large-scale campaigns done right!

Purplle, known for its largescale sale campaigns, creates and updates offers on products from over 1000 brands instantly, through spreadsheet imports. They have noticed a 6X improvement in go-live time while changing offer values for a large catalog of products.

Shared library of past campaigns and assets

Make the most of the rich library of campaign assets that the team has created, over time. Analyze performance, rescue assets, build templates and preset styles -- all from the comfort of one, unified workplace!

Bulk editing to make dynamic pricing edits: bigbasket

The bigbasket app has a wide range of banners highlighting city-based discount offers on varied products. These prices differ based on region, and inventory among other factors. The team multi-selects required banners and makes changes to dynamically edit prices to live campaign creatives, with 20X faster TAT on the banners.

Designers and non-designers collaborate

Enable self-serve editing for copies, CTAs, and other performance-related design elements, by easily regulating roles within an easy-to-use interface. Have designers and non-designers effortlessly collaborate to prioritize campaign performance and timelines without distractions.

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