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Bulk edit to save hours on corrections and experiments

Make instant, last-minute corrections, refresh to fight performance plateau, or experiment faster with quick bulk editing across sizes.

Trusted by high-growth teams across industries and countries

How does bulk editing help?

  • Optimize campaign performance with experiments

    • Across sizes and content variations -- edit design elements in one clean, easy step
    • When experiments lead to winning strategies, make campaign-level edits without any manual effort
    • Edit in batches and deliver campaign creatives well before time
  • Dynamically change campaign offers

    • As seasonal or weekly offers change, spend no time editing campaign creatives
    • Bulk operate across sizes and variants to change the offer, CTA, or colors
    • Pick and choose high-performing content for edits and archive the rest
  • Avoid performance plateaus with instant copy refresh

    • Instantly revitalize performance with a fresh copy even as you stay 100% on-brand
    • Use AI to generate copies, and go live with the right choice, instantly
    • Keep the loop going -- create, go live, monitor and iterate, without design dependencies stopping you