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The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything!

Automate brand governance and styling

Nurture customer loyalty with on-brand visuals, recreate styles in one click, and govern brand rules with role-based access.

Trusted by high-growth teams across industries and countries

How can you be 100% on-brand as well as scale?

  • Enforce brand elements across campaigns

    • Fonts - Upload your brand fonts and implement a consistent look across all your creatives
    • Colors - Save brand colors and ensure that designs are made only in approved color combinations
    • Aspect Ratios - Save sizes you frequently use and auto-resize for instant, channel-ready versions
    • Themes - Personalize the platform experience for your own brand
    • Each element can be governed by roles and access rights within them
  • Set up rules and roles for on-brand delivery

    • Custom configure fine-grained access to design features based on user roles
    • Set up template rules as per brand color palettes, caption lengths, logo placements, and more.
    • Streamline images with pre-approved assets used through a well-organized media library.
  • Auto-style in one click with presets

    • Eliminate redundant restyling with one-click transformation through preset styling and layout placement
    • Create multiple combinations as per brand rules and apply one to style content in one, easy click
    • Customize across sizes to ensure that you achieve the most impactful designs across channels