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Why Reading Makes Designers More Creative

Book writers spend time exercising their creativity and knowledge and finally conclude with a masterpiece that many will love. Every book has a lesson hidden between its pages and anyone who wants to discover the secret can only do so through reading. 

One of the fields that demand a high level of creativity is the designer’s field. They have to be active and think of new styles and concepts all the time. Reading can help a designer improve his creative output in various ways.

Improve your creativity

Many book authors tell stories, some form real-life experience, others from history and others from imagination. When the designer is reading an interesting book, they follow the progression from one chapter to another. 

The story becomes like a journey through pages and chapters as one scene opens another. The designer can only imagine how the characters in the story felt, the pains and victories. They imagine how it could be if they were in the shoes of the characters and how they could have done things differently. 

When all the activities and thinking are combined, the designer can get ideas from the stories. They become more creative and they can develop superior designs after reading a book.

Reading helps in brain exercise

Our brain never rests even after going to sleep. The brain keeps working and processes all the information that was collected during the day. People go to the gym, walk in the wild, run or jog to exercise their bodies. Exercise helps keep the body physically fit. 

Most people exercise the bodies but forget to exercise the brains. You can exercise the brain through a brain-centered activity like reading. As the designer reads a book, they imagine, gat humorous, sad, reason and understand themes. All the above activities take place in the brain and leave it exercised and fit for another great design work. 

Better concentration 

Books help improve concentration. People get distracted by many things in life, like when they have to meet a deadline, deliver an order, talk with someone and do some house chores. When the distractions are too many, the designer can become less productive. 

The story in a book can be good and the reader may want to read and discover what happened page after page. The reader sets their mind on the book and they may not even realize time is passing fast. Because of reading a book, they focus better and concentrate more on their designs. 

Help reduce stress

According to research, reading is one of the best ways to relax. As the reader focuses on the story, their mind moves away from distraction and focuses on the story. The whole body responds to the focused mind and begins to relax. 

After about half an hour of reading, the mind becomes fully immersed in the story and sheds off all worries. The body, on the other hand, responds positively and goes into a deeper relaxation. 

The deeper relaxation of the body helps reduce stress which can make the designer be less productive. After the designer relaxes and overcomes stress, they can go back to work and do better. 

Books can strengthen your essay writing ability

Lord of the Flies by William Golding focuses on the challenges of building civilization through a story about boys who got lost on an island and tried to build a disastrous civilization. 

Lord of the Flies is one of the books Gradesfixer have written free essay examples for use by college students. Any student facing difficulties in essay writing can visit this resource and study the free essay examples for inspiration and ideas. The site has many other free essays about different storybooks, which would be of immense help to you in the education process.

You increase knowledge through reading 

Learning has no end and people continually seek knowledge from different sources. Reading books is one of the sources. Through reading books, people learn about history, culture, modern life, innovation, the future and psychology. 

As people spend more time reading, they learn more and increase in knowledge. Better knowledge can help the designer become better at creating designs, solving problems, better relationships and better skills. Apart from finding fun in books, readers build knowledge. 

Reading improves your sleep pattern

According to health experts, people should sleep at least 8 hours per night. They recommend uninterrupted deep sleep to help the individual have a relaxed day the next morning. After a quiet, deep night sleep, the individual wakes up with a refreshed mind and they can be able to concentrate better at work or school. 

Health experts advise people to make a habit of reading a few pages of a book before they sleep. Their explanation for this advice is that the brain is usually very active during the day and may take time to relax in the evening. If the brain takes more time to relax, the person may take longer to fall asleep or have irregular sleep during the night. 

Reading a book before bedtime will help the mind relax faster and the individual will be ready to fall asleep fast. They will also get a deep sleep which is good for a healthy brain. 

Reading can help avert age-related cognitive decline

A study done by the National Institute on Aging found that people who read a book daily were unlikely to suffer from diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. As a result, they recommend reading a book to keep the brain busy as you advance in age. 

According to the study, people should not wait until they grow old to start reading. Instead, they should start early so that reading becomes a habit to them. Reading will help exercise the brain daily and therefore improve the individual’s cognitive ability. 

Young designers will love to continue with the service even in old age. Their many years of experience can be affected by poor cognitive functioning. 

Reading improves communication skills 

According to researchers, people who read books regularly develop better vocabularies. The size of your vocabulary influences a lot the way you communicate effectively with people. If your spoken language is poor, you might lose big opportunities in the business world. 

Cengage conducted a poll in 2019 and they found that at least 70% of working people desire to employ people with great communication capabilities. The designer could be very good in the art of design, but because of a lack of good communication skills, they can miss an important opportunity. 

Reading a book daily will help the designer learn a few vocabularies daily and they continue accumulating more words as they continue reading. 

Reading changes your perspective of life

Authors write books with a lesson in mind and they hope everyone who reads their book will capture the lesson and use it to better their lives. As you read a book, you become exposed to things you didn’t know before. If you knew some of the things, you gain a new understanding of them and view them differently. 

Information changes our perspective and the information we get from books can help us handle situations in a new way. A designer can change their perspective about art because they received a fresh understanding by reading a book. 

Through reading, you can discover new talents that you didn’t know you have. Everyone who reads books do things and handle life challenges differently. 

You can get mentored through reading books

People go through different challenges in life and take different paths to reach their destinies. After they reach their destiny, most people write a memoir and narrate their journey so that another person can feel encouraged and not give up. 

Other authors write their books as lessons in various fields like technology, design, politics, culture and so on. By reading books, an individual can get mentored and become better aware of their career or business. If designers read books written by former or current designers, they can learn a lot from them and emulate them. 

Books can motivate you to pursue your goals

Sometimes people fail to pursue their goals and desires due to a lack of motivation. A lot of people start a business or career and procrastinate even before they get to a quarter of their journey. 

Others move on well but retreat after they face challenges like lack of customers, money or partners. There are many self-motivational books one can read and they find purpose again. 

With fresh energy and renewed purpose, they can pursue their goals and achieve them sooner than they thought. Without set goals, the designer may lack the strength and motivation to move on. 

Lord of the Flies by William Golding focuses on the challenges of building civilization through a story about boys who got lost on an island and tried to build a disastrous civilization. 


Numerous secrets are hidden in books and they get discovered by people who love reading. By reading books, you can uncover the thoughts of the authors and learn more beyond their imagination. Designers might face burnout if they put all their energies into the design. They should take breaks and read a book to refresh and exercise their brains. 

Author’s Bio:
Michael Turner is a freelance copywriter for a school magazine. In his free time, he tutors students and helps them write essays. Michael likes to read and plays chess.

Michael Turner

Michael Turner

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