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How are videos helping The Keitt Institute?

Recently, we got into a detailed conversation with Morgan Holmes from The Keitt Institute, where we discussed how videos are helping her encourage and develop strong, whole, productive and successful women, and families.

In addition to her long-standing role as a nationally syndicated radio personality and an advocate of higher learning and lifelong personal development, Jennifer Keitt was inspired to create The Keitt Institute. It is a multi-faceted organization that facilitates life-empowerment training, life classes, seminars, personal & professional development, and events.

What goals does The Keitt Institute achieve with videos?

“We use videos for:

  1. Social media awareness, and
  2. Branding

Videos are also used for tips & tricks, or how to communicate series, marketing events and initiatives in order to match our mission: empower, educate and encourage”

What motivated The Keitt Institute to use videos for social media?

“Our biggest audience is millennial women, and they visit our Facebook page regularly.

Reading a newsletter or a text post is boring and time consuming, even if the content is relevant. To attract and engage them, we present them with visual treats and rich content.”

Why did you choose Rocketium over other solutions?

“We researched video solution platforms and tools, and concluded that Rocketium is inexpensive, easy to use and has a brilliant UI.

I currently make all the videos on Rocketium by myself”

How do you measure the value Rocketium provides?

“We keep a track of engagement scores on social media: likes, comments, and shares.

We added about 400 members to our Facebook Community by using more and more videos on our page. The biggest value we have seen is when members of this community have personally written to us telling how inspiring the videos are, and how much it has encouraged them – which falls exactly in line with our mission! This feedback we get is higher than our social media metrics (likes, shares and comments).


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