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Personalized Video Marketing: Get Started With These 7 Use-Cases

Personalized Video Marketing is the next step in the evolutionary chain of Marketing. Thanks to the ever-changing landscape of the digital world, data today is more easily accessible than it was a few years ago. As a marketer, you should leverage this data to create personalized sales and marketing campaigns for your brand.

In this article, I will list down 7 use-cases of personalization and where a personalized video will help your business. To assist you in building personalized video campaigns, I will also add some tips along the way.

What is Personalized Video Marketing, and the 7 use-cases of Personalized Videos

To get started, here are some basic terms you will see thrown around a lot – personalized marketing, personalized videos, personalized video marketing, etc. What do they mean?


What is personalized marketing or individual marketing?
What is personalized marketing or individual marketing?

What is personalized marketing?

Personalized marketing (also known as individual marketing or one-to-one marketing), is a comparatively new marketing strategy that marketers are implementing. In this, businesses leverage user data to improve conversions by delivering individualized messages to current or prospective customers. These messages can be sent via email, in-app notifications or post (nothing beats a hand-written letter!). They can be in the form of text, image, gif or video.

What personalized marketing means for businesses

Let’s say you’re in the e-commerce and retail space. You have captured an individual’s data. This means you know their email, their name, and what product listings they have viewed. Say they abandoned their cart without purchasing anything. Now, you can send them individualized messages by addressing them by their name and informing them of the products they’ve left in the cart.

What personalized marketing means for consumers

You, as a consumer, are more likely to respond to personalized messages. Let us look at the same scenario as above from your perspective. You visited an e-commerce website, created an account and added some items to your cart. You did not complete your purchase and forgot about it because of this cute cat video compilation you saw on YouTube🐱. When you get an email about it after a while, you are reminded of why you wanted the items in the first place and you go ahead with the purchase.

What is a personalized video?

A personalized video is a video that connects with an individual and has information that the viewer finds relevant. You can make videos based on someone’s app usage, send them product offers based on their purchase history, do a sales pitch or even send a how-to video of your product. As soon as you add fields that can be used to identify a viewer, your video becomes a personalized video.

Personalized videos made easy using Rocketium

What is personalized video marketing?

Using personalized videos to drive marketing goals is called personalized video marketing. Your marketing goals can include user acquisition, lead generation, website conversion or user engagement. Your channels can be social, email or app/desktop notifications.

What is a personalized video campaign?

Just like every other marketing campaign, a personalized video campaign has a primary goal, a metric and a deadline. There are then a set of activities that align with your goal. Some common goals are to increase revenue or product engagement. Here is an example: “Use personalized videos to increase paid conversions by 50% within 30 days.”

Why personalized video works

Why personalization of video works
  • Create an individualized experience that is relevant to all users
  • Drive better sales calls and enables sales to have better conversations
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Build stronger, more impactful email campaigns
  • Improve lead nurturing
  • Increase customer retention and revenue from returning customers

Personalized video marketing is meant to grab users’ attention. It makes the viewer value your video content more because it was created for them. It is human psychology to invest time into information that was hand-selected just for us. And when done properly – it’s all the information we want and need. 

7 ways Personalized videos drive Sales and Marketing

How personalization of videos help Sales and Marketing campaigns

How to use personalized video in email campaigns

Email is *still* the best medium to communicate with your users. At Rocketium, we send users in-app messages. And if these messages are unread for more than 24 hours, we reach out to them via email.

1. Cart abandon emails

Goal: increase sales from users with an abandoned cart

One of the most prominent use-cases of personalized video in an email campaign is to win back users with an abandoned cart. In this post here, I explain how you can set up a three email campaign to improve cart abandon rate. After integrating Rocketium’s API with a Google spreadsheet, Typeform, Google form or your CMS, you need to just enter the user’s name, select the category and its relevant product, and your video will be ready in minutes!

Cart abandon emails with personalized fields

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2. Email marketing

Goal: improve user engagement

Users find value from your product as long as they use it. To increase the stickiness of your product you have to convince them to use your product often. Send personalized emails for this.

Example of a personalized video in an email

Tip: One of the best ways to boost user engagement is to send your users video messages based on their product usage.

3. Sales outreach

Goal: increase response rate

Engage the prospects by sending them personalized messages in the form of videos. Open your webcam, record yourself and make a “video selfie”. Attach this video selfie as the first scene of a product explainer, or a sales pitch which is common to all. This way you are essentially personalizing just one scene but making it seem that the entire video is personalized.

Personalized sales outreach video template

Lauren Wadsworth, a sales rep from Dynamic Signal shared something wonderful with Matt, the founder of Verge:

“I had a 37.5% response rate and a 12.75% positive response rate, i.e. meeting booked in emails with a personalized video. To give some context, the average call-to-meeting conversion was 1%, and email-to-meeting conversion was 2% across the team”

Create personalized videos in bulk by using Rocketium’s video automation API
Create personalized videos using Rocketium’s API

4. Video newsletters

Goal: improve user engagement

Engage your users by making personalized videos promoting every new article you publish. Send this video in the newsletter along with the article’s link.

Send video newsletters with personalized fields to improve click rate and engagement

Tip: Add the word “video” in email subject lines. It is known to boost open rates by 19% and reduce unsubscribes by 26%.

5. Product promotion

Goal: increase sales

According to Mediapost, 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchasing decisions. Send personalized product videos to your users via email or messaging platforms. This works superbly for e-commerce websites and platforms. For example, if someone has shown interest in men’s footwear, you can show them this video:

Example of a personalized product promotion video

6. Sales, offers, and discounts

Goal: increase sales

Announce all your sales, offers and discounts in the form of videos. Send emails or in-app messages with personalized videos to boost click rate.

Tip: Run A/B tests on the CTA to determine what works for your audience. Note that every user responds differently to different products, so there is no actual “best practice” to follow here.

7. Personalized video for onboarding

Goal: increase user engagement

For a business to run successfully, you have to focus on converting your new customers into returning customers. This means you have to connect with them personally. By sending them a personalized welcome video, you break from the standard email onboarding and give the user an opportunity to remember your brand.

Personalized content is the closest automated imitation of a real conversation. This makes it particularly useful when your sales team reaches out to prospects or existing customers.

To conclude

Video personalization is important for your business. You do not want to be “just another brand”. Personalize your communication. Connect with your users. Help them find value in your product.

How do you implement personalization marketing? Has it worked for you? Got any tips to share? Just comment below 👇

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