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Global ad scaling with creative management platforms

Digital marketers of today face a common challenge: rolling out a large volume of personalized ad campaigns. Luckily, creative management platforms help in global ad scaling thanks to some of its unique features. In this blog, we will be going over some key benefits of a CMP such as:

  • Eliminating human error by incorporating automatic click tags
  • Scaling ads using creative automation
  • Balancing volume between central versus local production of creatives
  • Smart scaling and auto adjustment of visual elements

Most brands are severely limited without effective ad scaling. Scaling without a creative management platform takes lots of time and resources, requires repetitive design tasks leading to burnout and stifles the creativity of in-house design teams. You don’t need to put yourselves through all that! Investing in a CMP pays off in more ways than one. If you’re curious to know the ROI of such a platform for your business, here’s a calculator.

Key challenges of global ad scaling


Time is undoubtedly one of the biggest bottlenecks in the ad scaling process. When you are dealing with multiple ad formats, sizes and regions you are bound to run into issues which are further compounded by human error. By definition, “scaling” is the ability to increase output without increasing resources. Is this feasible without technology? Of course not. 

Managing digital assets

With distributed teams (now increasingly common since the COVID-19 pandemic) you are likely to run into inventory issues such as identifying and retrieving correct digital assets. When team members are located in different locations it makes it a challenge to ensure that everyone 


Maintaining brand consistency is a challenge for all businesses, and ensuring that your communication is aligned across different touchpoints is fundamental to branding.

It help with brand recall and is easier to manage your brand when all your imagery and communication is uniform. When it comes to ad scaling, maintaining consistency is crucial. 

How to optimize global ad scaling 

Marketing teams focus on high level plans, performance teams focus on the bottom line, but it is only designers who can bridge the gap between idea and reality.

The smallest of nuances can make a huge difference in your advertising efforts.

Therefore it is important to prioritize this level of quality and attention to detail. A CMP enables you to optimize ad scaling in the following ways:

Smartly balancing global versus local production

First of all, it is important to note that “global” does not need to be taken in a literal context. It simply means that the process of ideation and creative production can be executed centrally, while certain aspects of the creative process can be carried out locally. A simple example of central vs. local production is Apple. While design and conceptualization takes place in California, the manufacturing process can take place locally in different countries. 

Central production offers efficiency, speed, and consistency, while local production offers localization, market sensitivity, and local knowledge. What brands should, and can, be asking, is what allows them to achieve both. 

CMPs offer key global-to-local tools. Central teams can design master templates that are handed off to local teams who will then inject local flavor (such as relevant copy and demographic relevant URLs).

Your central team or agency can create master experiences and templates, with local media planners dictating how to personalize to suit their market.

CMPs should empower local teams to make what they need quick, while supporting greater consistency across all of your markets. 

Eliminating manual errors and harnessing the power of AI

When you are trying to scale your advertising, usually there are dozens, if not hundreds of banner variants that need to be both created and optimized for different ad networks.

If this entire process is carried out manually it is natural that human error is likely and the resources required for such a process are too high.

For example, creating a new size in a banner set. Every design element such as code, graphics or color palette would need to be individually copied. 
We’re sure you’re already familiar with this problem.

The more devices you wish to serve an ad to – more complicated your master banner becomes – more time it takes.

A CMP allows automation of such tasks so that you don’t have to painstakingly ensure consistency and adherence to guidelines. The software takes care of everything for you.

Hyper personalization 

“Think global, act local” is the key to marketing success. By personalizing your ads for different demographics you ensure higher conversion rates and a more satisfactory experience for your customers. But is it possible to do this on a large scale? With a CMP it definitely is. Let us explain: A CMP is a cloud-based platform. This system eliminates sending files back and forth and constantly reviewing the content to ensure it is consistent and optimized. Thanks to extensive network integration, a CMP allows for real-time data analysis and also scheduling campaign events. Such a system cuts down production time significantly and certain processes take seconds rather than days. With more time at your disposal, you can now generate a higher quality of personalized creatives. 

Simple code generation for design teams

Creating rich and visually appealing ads usually requires some level of technical expertise such as knowledge of HTML5 and complex coding. For small and mid sized companies CMP eliminates the need for such knowledge which is a boon as they might not have the resources to undertake such tasks.

Want to know more?

If you’re looking for a solution that can automate your creatives or improve the turnaround time for your ad campaigns – get in touch with us! We’ll walk you through our suite of products and help you with your marketing goals. 

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