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Elevate your e-commerce marketing: Strategies for higher conversion rates

In today’s ever-evolving ecommerce landscape, reaching and engaging digital consumers has become increasingly challenging for performance marketing teams. With diversifying buying behaviors, expanding digital presence and a demand for personalized experiences, consumers are getting increasingly harder to find and sell to.

Engaging such large, diverse consumer bases requires ecommerce marketplaces to become creative powerhouses in order to:

  • Launch creatives on 12+ digital platforms.
  • Personalize creatives to 100s of customer segments.
  • Refresh live ads 1-2 times every two weeks.

However, executing these strategies is no small feat because it requires teams to produce significantly more content (sometimes up to 10x more), faster and at lower costs in order to be sustainably scalable.

Unfortunately, enterprise creative and marketing teams are limited by legacy creative operations which rely on too many siloed tools, and manual workflows. And each campaign launch feels like an uphill battle, resulting in delayed go-lives and underperforming ads. This hampers teams’ ability to experiment and personalize their campaigns, resulting in missed opportunities and untapped revenue potential.

The key to overcoming these challenges lies in optimizing the CreativeOps process. While the broad assumption would be to enable teams to produce 10x more content, a closer examination of the current state of enterprise CreativeOps (image below) reveals that a significant portion of teams’ time (up to 70% in some cases) is wasted on repetitive operational tasks that are often overlooked and worsen as the process scales. 

What’s needed is a holistic solution that streamlines the end-to-end CreativeOps workflow.This means automating repetitive tasks, enabling alignment between teams, scalability of content and bandwidth for personalization, experiments or more.

Read all about it in our Paid Marketing Playbook to explore how streamlined creative operations can propel your performance marketing campaigns to new heights. It’s time to unleash the full potential of your team and revolutionize your approach to ecommerce marketing.

This Paid Marketing Playbook helps ecommerce marketplaces learn how to:  

  • Accelerate time-to-market: With faster campaign launches and ad refreshes to capitalize on market opportunities promptly and engage customers better.
  • Create for more platforms: With creatives adapted to various sizes and formats while minimizing rejections, resulting in maximized reach.
  • Hyper-personalize creatives at scale: By tailoring creatives to customer segments for higher engagement and brand loyalty.
  • Experiment and optimize creatives: With increased A/B tests at scale to fine-tune campaigns, optimize budgets, and achieve higher returns on ad spends.

About Rocketium

Rocketium is a CreativeOps platform that helps enterprise marketing and design teams scale creative personalization and testing, speed up campaign go-live, and improve campaign outcomes with creative analytics. Rocketium combines automation, AI, and data science to support large global retail, banking, and agency brands. In essence, Rocketium empowers performance marketing teams to achieve more with less. By streamlining their CreativeOps, Rocketium frees up valuable time and resources for teams, allowing them to focus on driving tangible results.

Rethin Vipinraj

Rethin Vipinraj

Content Marketing at Rocketium
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