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Manish Bansal
VP - Growth Tickertape

Don’t forget the power of Organic Content. Here’s how Tickertape acquires new users, organically 🚀

Decoding the Right Organic Growth Strategy to Build a Loyal Follower Base with Manish Bansal

According to recent social media statistics, 3.96 billion people are expected to use social media worldwide in 2022, equating to more than 45% of the current global population. That’s a significant number and if brands can tap into this ocean of users, they can grow tremendously, especially in terms of global reach, without spending much money.

But such a vast number also poses challenges to the marketers in terms of strategy creation. Though many brands are ready to spend millions to generate content and a huge follower base, an organic growth strategy is much underrated. 

However, organic growth comes with many benefits, like creating a loyal audience base that genuinely enjoys your content and may stay with you forever, attracting others like them.   

In the recent episode of our podcast series, Spilling the Magic Beans, Manish Bansal, a.k.a the ‘Growth Guru,’ who is the Vice President of Growth at Ticker Tape and the former AVP of Zomato, talked about the ways and advantages of building a solid follower base organically. 

Organic Growth Strategy has the Potential to go Viral

Talking about organic content, Manish goes by the old and famous saying: “Content is the King. Content is what will actually attract the users.” 

If you are thinking about the content, the best way to reach users is actually through organic route be it Twitter, Instagram feed, Facebook, Be it YouTube, or blogs,” he says. 

Manish emphasizes that the numerous social media platforms already interact with the users with whom brands need to connect. 

He explains that organically, one could harness the opportunity of talking to the users in a human language. This will help the brands to strike a chord with their customers and even go viral with organic content. 

Brands need to create the right kind of content for the right kind of audience by understanding how different channels work and utilizing this data to develop social media strategy

Marketers need to understand that content works differently on different platforms. For example, while Facebook is more popular with older age groups and long-form content, Instagram more likely caters to a much younger audience in-between the age group of 18 to 25 years, with visual content being most popular over there. 

Likewise, Twitter is often referred to as a platform for intellectuals, activists, and serious discussions. On the other hand, LinkedIn is known for its utterly professional approach. Also, while podcasts are for people who enjoy listening, blogs are for those who prefer reading instead. 

Companies also need to decide what kind of content they want to promote, which would convey their content the best way, and cater to the majority of their target audience. 

For example, according to a 2018 Hubspot Survey, 54% of consumers prefer seeing video content from their support brand.

Hashtags are another great way to boost organic posts, which have been there since 2007. They can help tap the right audience, looking for the kind of content you create or the genre with which you are dealing. Remember Kentucky Fried Chicken’s viral hashtag, #NationalFriedChickenDay? 

Regarding the importance of content in entire the marketing effort, Manish says:

“I think content is the first thing which we have to cater to in terms of virality but at the same time think about why a user would want to share it.”

In the end, adding value to your customer is the key. Your content should either: 

  • Educate
  • Entertain, or
  • Emotionally touch

And eventually, once you grow, you will already have a good pool of loyal audience which would provide an excellent avenue for consistent conversions. 

The Power of Content Personalization

Though organic content may take some time to pick up, it also has the power to go viral if the brands are smart enough to optimize and strategize the personalization of their content according to individual preferences.  

Giving an example of working for ‘Ticker Tape,’ an investment consultancy company, Manish explains how they categorize audiences through contextual marketing based on their levels and requirements. 

For example, one set of audiences is novice with limited information about the investment hacks and needs complete hand-holding. While the other set of audience is a pro, who doesn’t need a hand-holding approach but can do their research in terms of analyzing their profiles and possibilities to invest in stocks or mutual funds.

Brands can also target content based on the salary brackets the customers belong to. This way tailoring and personalization helped Ticker Tape to add value to each of their customers, eventually helping build a loyal audience base even through an organic growth strategy. 

Giving another example from his experience of working as the AVP in Zomato, Manish shares how they harnessed the power of push notifications to engage the audience in a way that helped them get huge conversions. 

In addition, he shares that they adopted an extremely personal approach by sending customers push notifications just one to two hours before breakfast, lunch, evening meal, or dinner. And it worked well! 

Smart Start-Ups Repurpose Content

Growing organically for startups and budding entrepreneurs with limited budgets is the most judicious option. They cannot afford to have huge creative teams to structure and manage their content. Hence, it is wiser to repurpose the content from one platform to another. In this regard, Manish says:

“It’s a very good idea to repurpose the content from one platform to another because you want to be present on all the platforms, but your focus has to be on one or two to grow them at a higher level.”

Giving examples, Manish explains how:

“A full-stack YouTube video can be repurposed to create YouTube shorts as well as Instagram reels. Similarly, a post on Instagram can also be repurposed for static images on a blog or infographics on the website.”

Repurposing content allows the startups to not only generate a pool of rich content for social media marketing but is also budget-friendly. But, of course, they have to tweak the content, and they are all set with multiple content forms to create better engagement on different social channels.

Biggest Takeaways

Adopting an organic approach might look like a daunting task. Nevertheless, this is the best option for budding entrepreneurs and startups with limited budgets, provided how well they utilize it.  

Some of the biggest takeaways from the podcast that can help you think of going organic with confidence are:  

  •   Create posts that add value to the customers’ life
  •   Customize your message according to different platforms
  •   Learn the art of personalizing your content
  •    Go live occasionally
  •    Repurpose and repost your content
  •   Join related groups and share your posts in those

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