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Plan and deliver on creative promises successfully with limited resources. Leverage the power of design automation to scale visual content creation, management, distribution.

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How Rocketium empowers winning design teams

  • Have all the creative requests in one place

    Manage the task of prioritizing creative requests and creation processes efficiently by either creating new or re-using existing creative assets.

    • Use a smart template to build on creative requests in aspect ratio and dimension as per requirement.
    • Localize creatives to match the language of the native audience using a single custom template.
    • Never stress again over the on-brand creatives. Set the template with necessary brand guidelines and scale creative production.
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  • Track campaign status with efficient collaboration

    Accept and manage projects at volume with efficient collaboration across cross-functional teams.

    • Approval workflows for faster feedback and approval process to reduce the campaign turn around time.
    • Set up multiple level approval processes by assigning creatives for approval to multiple stakeholders.
    • Store the approved creative with a tag under the respective campaign folder for reuse in the future.
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  • Manage workspace with role-based access control

    Create folders unique for each campaign and restrict access to folders based on the role and team responsible for the designs of each campaign.

    • Manage design projects with role-based-access control. Invite users from within the workspace.
    • Add thumbnail to each workspace to recognize the project to add requirements and make necessary changes.
    • Manage team, roles and permissions based on who can create, edit and distribute images and videos within the workspace.
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