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February and March 2023

The importance of project management cannot be overstated. It helps streamline campaigns, aid communication, provide visibility to stakeholders, help team members stick to timelines, and more. That’s why to help you manage your projects better and further simplify your creative operations, introducing our all-new workflow features. Let’s dive right in

1. Introducing project briefs

Introducing project briefs to centrally manage all your creative requirements. Customise and track your workflow parameters across campaigns. Be it sharing detailed campaign requirements, assigning stakeholders, setting deadlines, or tracking status updates. Also easily bulk upload all required assets directly to the brief, across JPEG, PNG, CSV, PSD, or MP4 formats. Designers can easily access these, and choose the relevant template to work on, without having to spend hours looking for files.

2. Increased efficiency with in-canvas briefs

To further amplify efficiency, designers can easily access the brief from inside the design studio. They can change statuses basis progress, alter dates, download, or directly use the attached assets to the canvas, saving the back and forth.

3. Keyboard navigation across variants and sizes

Give your keypad some rest as you explore our seamless keyboard navigation. Use this all-new navigation to work your way around all the different variants and sizes for a super smooth and frictionless experience.

4. Faster all-preview experience

No more going back and forth to check if your creatives are on point. Get a faster preview of all size and variants in one place.