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December & January 2023

As we set foot in the new year, we’re all set to roll out some exciting new features and updates! This month we have revamped our whole video editing experience to make it faster, smoother, and effortless! So without wasting any more time, let’s jump right in!

1. Introducing Layers Panel

Make and edit videos seamlessly in hours with our all-new layers panel. Each media element now has a dedicated layer against it and you have the autonomy to manage and animate different layer properties. Simply drag layers to position media elements, crop layers to control the timing, and do much more!

2. Animate Seamlessly with Keyframes

Animating your videos got a whole lot easier. Now create keyframes by dragging an element or simply by double-clicking on the layer. Once the keyframe has been created, you can play with the element’s position, scale, opacity, and rotation. Take your pick from our easy animation modes and export your video as a gif or MP4. It truly is that simple! That’s not all. You can now restart bulk editing on a group of creatives in case you are not happy with the existing changes, without having to lose the original selection.

3. Bulk Edit your Videos Easily

Well, that’s not all! With the above-supercharged features we now bring to you the feature of bulk editing your videos! Easily edit multiple videos across styles and variants with just a few clicks. Simply select the videos that you want to work on, make changes in copy, color, and style, and let automation take care of the rest.