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April & May 2023

At Rocketium, we are dedicated to simplifying your creative journey. From making unwanted elements in your creatives disappear in seconds to helping you stay on top of notifications and updates, we’ll ensure that nothing comes between you and creativity. So what have we been working on in the past few weeks? Let’s jump right in.

1. All new Action Center

I love wasting time trying to find my projects and updates…said no one ever! That’s why introducing our all-new action centre. Now navigate through your workspace seamlessly. Create projects faster, and pick up pending tasks right where you left off. Want to see what’s new with our product? Find product updates at your fingertips along with your most searched lists across projects, templates, and more.

2. Notifications on the fly

We all have been guilty of missing out on important notifications once in a while, but not anymore. With our all new-notification centre, receive in-app notifications along with emails whenever changes are made across creative briefs or workspace. Want to customize how your receive updates? Do that seamlessly for notifications across various channels like in-app, email, and many more exciting integrations that are coming up super soon.

3. AI enabled Magic Eraser

Well, it works exactly as it sounds, a magic tool to get rid of any unwanted element in your JPEG/PNG image with just a few clicks. Select any image in the media library, click on magic tools, and voila! Your magic eraser is ready to be used. Highlight what you want to omit with our resizable brush, click on cleanup image and, make it vanish in seconds. See before and after with our compare mode and undo any changes with a simple Cmd/Ctrl Z.

4. Introducing Advanced Search

Looking for a particular visual from a sea of creatives may seem like finding a needle in a haystack, but it doesn’t have to be. With our advanced search, find even the most obscure project, images, or videos in seconds. Make your searches super precise, with system-generated or even customized fields. That’s not all! You can now combine multiple search queries to refine search results to the T.