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Wholistic Advertising Analytics with CMP

A complete reporting and analytics suite that gives you the best of action-packed insights on campaign performances.

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Wholistic Digital Advertising Analytics with Creative Management Platform

Investigating advertising analytics across multiple platforms for multi-channel campaigns taking up a lot of time?

Not able to view advertising analytics across channels and campaigns in a single platform?

Do you lack the agility to quickly incorporate learnings from campaign reports onto the creatives for your next campaign?

One day a retail brand decided to set up weekly ad campaigns targeted towards a highly-engaged group of customers. After three weeks, they wanted a better understanding of how the campaigns were performing. 

They realized analyzing the impact on the fly was simply not possible. They’d need a dedicated team member for advertising analytics and creating reports. Moreover, it would take too long for the brand to react to changes in performance. 

This is a common story. 

Forget getting a bird’s eye view of overall ad campaign performance. Distilling even vital information quick enough to incorporate learnings onto creatives for the next campaign is near impossible. 

Yet, we know, insights are the holy grail of digital advertising. The more detailed and actionable they are, and the faster you can acquire them, the more you can tweak ad campaigns, and deliver the right content at the right time, resulting in better performance. 

Benefits of leveraging digital advertising analytics capabilities of a CMP


An omnichannel advertising strategy spans too many platforms and devices. Often, it even encompasses offline channels. The data generated from these campaigns is humongous. Parsing through these terabytes of data is a grueling task. A natural consequence is that you lose sight of the end goal of your efforts.

Advertising analytics from a CMP helps by monitoring multi-channel campaigns from a single platform. Besides efficient monitoring, ad analytics delivers actionable insights that you can utilize to ensure that each ad is targeted to the right audience through the right medium.

Moreover, you can reduce revenue leakage by analyzing where your dollars are best spent across the campaign cycle. Then tweak the ads instantly and accordingly to ensure a healthier ROI. 

According to Harvard Business Review, ad analytics make dollar allocation result-driven, so brands that adopt it witness a 10 to 30% improvement in overall performance.

Tapping advertising analytics capabilities of a CMP

A common problem with digital advertising is producing creative assets at speed. And even when you create them thick and fast, most are left underused. In both scenarios, time, resources, and money are going down the drain. 

Creative management platforms (CMPs) are the logical solution to this conundrum. They speed up the creation and consolidate design files in a single location. 

But CMPs go beyond automating the repetitive parts of marketing design. They come with advertising analytics that let you measure the outcome of multi-channel campaigns, better reallocate resources and gain relevant insights to drive deeper customer engagement. 

1. Consolidated campaign reporting

Advertising analytics capabilities of a CMP: Consolidated-campaign-reporting

A prime advantage of a creative management platform is consolidated campaign reporting. CMP takes campaign attributes like prospect targeting, engagement, and reach and collects data for each. Once the predefined metric data is consolidated from all channels, it is analyzed in real-time.

It then creates campaign reports for each campaign spanning various platforms, which teams can view from a single place. They can oversee vital metrics in an easy-to-understand format. 

With performance indicators like views and click-through rate at their fingertips, they can:

  • Measure the efficacy of an ad campaign.
  • Execute changes to ads on the go.
  • Uncover hidden patterns with data from multiple campaigns across multiple channels. 

2. Creative Analytics: Creative intelligence and evaluation

A superior CMP will also come with marketing advanced analytics like creative intelligence that offers data-driven insights to optimize future assets.

CMPs sit on a goldmine of data collected from thousands of assets made through the platform. It, along with all previous campaign reports, is evaluated, and the results plugged in to offer strategic suggestions. Without a CMP’s creative intelligence, it would take a team countless hours to gather data manually. 

Advertising analytics capabilities of a CMP: Creative insights

They deliver insights that you can actually use, like helping users design more optimized creatives. 

Without needing to laser focus on whether all your assets follow brand guidelines, you can ensure brand consistency. How? CMPs allow you to put rules in place. Creative assets are evaluated based on these, and when one doesn’t comply with the rules, users are automatically notified. 

Advertising analytics capabilities of a CMP: creative-evaluation

3. Asset Usage Analytics 

A constant source of management consternation is determining which member of which team is working on which creative project. The creative analytics of CMPs bring transparency to this.

You can monitor both creations and asset usage statistics to find bottlenecks or underutilized high-quality creatives and build better processes with the insights as the backbone.

Advertising analytics capabilities of a CMP: Asset-usage-analytic

Contextual data connecting time spent on creating assets and performance of assets enables teams to understand productivity and timeline levels to optimize the asset creation process.

Wholistic Digital Advertising Analytics: Create & Analyze in One Place

Designing creatives, one platform.

Collaborating on campaigns, at least 4 different tools and platforms.

Storing the assets, another platform. 

Tracking the advertising analytics, yet one more platform.

Total? About 7 different platforms, and that’s the conservative number.

When half your time is spent running around different platforms, how do you gain the agility to incorporate learnings into future campaigns? That is, if you can even filter the right data and analyze it correctly.

So, is it not time to question if you can streamline your digital advertising campaigns by leveraging a single platform to do all of the above? 

That’s what creative management platforms do. Think of them as a swiss-army knife: an all-in-one utility tool. With one platform, you can do everything from creating on-brand, impactful content at scale to analyzing their performance. 

Here’s what it looks like when you create and run campaigns from a CMP and track marketing advanced analytics.

1. Automate content production

Creative automation is the chief benefit of a CMP. You can generate ad creatives from custom templates in no time by importing a spreadsheet with the relevant data and key tags, thanks to bulk creation and AI copywriter.

Bulk create banners from spreadsheet
Bulk create with spreadsheet import

For different mediums that require varying formats, the CMP uses AI to auto-size each asset. 

AI-based auto-sizing

Combined, the features enable quick A/B testing and experimentation with different ad versions. And since the CMP comes with creative intelligence and evaluation, each asset is on-brand and optimized for peak performance. 

2. Centralized asset storage

When you run campaigns with a CMP, you get to leverage a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. A Smart DAM stores all your assets in a single location for faster and at-scale use. You can organize the ad creatives through tags. So, when a team has to make more ads or refresh old ones, it’s easy for them to discover the right design elements.

Smart DAM
Smart Digital Asset Management system to store and discover the right assets at the right time

Worried about not being able to enforce brand governance and styling? With each element governed by brand rules and role-based access rights, you can go live with campaigns faster while maintaining consistency.


CMPs have brand libraries where you can upload brand fonts, colors, aspect ratios, themes, and more to quickly utilize across campaigns.


3. Real-time review and feedback

A hitch with digital advertising campaigns is team collaboration. Review cycles are long. It’s all because each team uses different platforms for different purposes (think Google Drive, email, Slack, Adobe creative suite), which hinders workflow. 

CMPs bring it all together. They generate unique URLs for each project for easier collaboration and review. You can organize ad drafts, tag the right person for review, add comments, or even assign an action inside the CMP. 

review and collaborate

All this happens in real-time while ensuring only the right team members are involved in the process through role-based access control.

4. Publish across channels

Last-minute changes, updates, and corrections are par for the course in ad campaigns. Once they’re done, CMP empowers you to publish all the relevant creatives across all your digital touchpoints. So, you reach users where they are with a tap of a button. From Facebook ad accounts to in-app banners, you can integrate the CMP with any channel to schedule or quickly push campaigns live.


5. Ad testing and campaign reporting

Ad campaigns that deliver results don’t just happen. They demand data-backed decisions. For that, teams need to experiment with creative and copy combinations and then keep track of demographic and geographic data to analyze performance.

Such traditional A/B tests put heavy demands on the team. First, they must generate versions using one tool. After they go live, they must utilize Google Analytics to review the engagement on each ad version. Rinse. Repeat. 

It’s time-consuming and, not to mention, prone to slip-ups. CMP comes with built-in ad testing and campaign reporting capabilities. You can analyze ad performance across channels in real-time. 

Let’s say, you’re creating in-app ad banners. The analytics feature of the CMP will evaluate performance and give you a predictive score on the banners that are most likely to convert.

6. Re-iterate campaign creatives in bulk

If the journey a CMP takes you on is a friction-free workflow where marketing teams can create assets, test them, and track their performance, then the destination is reiteration.

Using the ad testing campaign reports, you learn which ideas work the best and accordingly accommodate tweaks. What’s better? CMPs allow bulk edits, so you don’t have to individually alter each ad version. 


Taking it further, creative analytics helps you step into the next campaign with a stronger background. You already know what doesn’t work, so you fashion better and more relevant content from the get-go.

Final Words

Using a CMP, marketing teams can create and analyze campaigns in one place. Designers can work in harmony with marketers. The latter can measure the performance through advertising analytics, learn from mistakes, and have designers quickly iterate the creatives. The result? The brand publishes engaging campaigns that amplify revenue and deliver sustained growth.

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