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Raising the bar with every sale: Top online marketplaces that stay sale-ready with agile CreativeOps

For online marketplaces and ecommerce companies, driving big sales across different categories is crucial for the platform’s success. A single sale event involves multiple aspects that need to be smoothly orchestrated – website traffic, new ads, new pages, new products, trade discounts, promotions and outreach and more. Amidst these requirements, platforms need to ensure that content is swiftly created and launched, all while staying on-brand. This applies to millions of creatives and banners for different product catalogs, with offers and discounts changing by the day, or even the hour! Such a massive scale of business requires a creative operations engine that can quickly push out product visuals and creatives. These challenges become multifold during seasonal sale events and holidays when platform shoppers increase drastically. 

Here’s where online marketplaces need to develop elastic scalability, or the potential to scale up creative operations as and when required. This is possible only by automating everything about their creative processes – right from visual production to approval processes to creative refresh.  An agile CreativeOps platform like Rocketium becomes crucial in enabling online retailers keep up with the speed and scale of their campaigns. By removing all the manual and repetitive processes, retailers can create 10x more visuals in half the time it previously took, with as high as 30% cost savings. 

This way, marketplace leaders can create and publish product banners and creatives much faster, and also iterate offers on-the-fly. Faster campaign launches mean more sales and conversions, and ultimately more revenue growth

Ace your category sales efforts with Rocketium

Plan your creative campaigns at scale, with ease

  • Unify brand assets and creatives with centralized on our cloud-based media library
  • Drive asset reutilization with instant access using AI-generated tags. 
  • Bulk-optimize assets for creatives with AI-powered bulk-background removal, extension, etc.
  • AI-powered briefs can be contextually generated with a simple text prompt.
Plan your creative campaigns at scale, with ease

Create smarter and go live faster with product banners and ads

  • Create intelligently with AI-generated design recommendations 
  • Auto-adapt key visuals to various sizes for all your publishing platforms
  • Using a content feed, generate variations of copy and visuals for A/B tests and localization
  • Contextually generate on-brand copy and images with AI
Create smarter and go live faster with product banners and ads

Review seamlessly with AI-powered automated brand safety

  • Ensure brand safety with automated checks based on pre-configured brand rules
  • Centralize brand safety checks for creatives from all production platforms on Rocketium with AI-powered checks
  • Seamlessly expand beyond brand safety with gender diversity and representation checks
Review seamlessly with AI-powered automated brand safety

Make lightning-fast offer updates, roof-breaking revenues from each sale

  • Bring your teams together in shared workspaces
  • Give teams role-based access to the design for quick review and approval
  • Empower business teams to update offers across all creatives quickly with Content Mode and directly push them live
  • Share and address feedback quickly with real-time comments directly on the design
lightning-fast offer updates, roof-breaking revenues from each sale

Analyze creatives and use insights to acquire, activate and retain more customers

  • Access, analyze and visualize performance data from every sale in one place
  • Utilize powerful creative-level insights from sales to make data-backed creative decisions
  • Auto-generate and share custom reports on insights from sale performances
Analyze creatives and use insights to acquire, activate and retain more customers

Stories from 4 major online marketplaces that leveraged Rocketium to boost category sales

The world’s largest retailer generates product creatives 12x faster with agile CreativeOps


This retail leader sells 150M+ SKUs across various categories, to their 400M+ customers. Their category teams worked with the central creative team to produce and refresh creatives for category pages. As the central team supporting various categories, the designers were always choked for bandwidth and offered an average turnaround time of 4 weeks for new requests. Additionally, updating creatives and offers real-time, during sale events were almost impossible with the pace and scale of iterations required.


Rocketium empowered the retail leader’s design team to supercharge creative production with automation. Designers leveraged templates and Rocketium’s AI-powered automation to create variants and sizes, reducing average TAT for new requests down to 2 weeks. Updating live offers also became easier with Rocketium’s self-serve editor, allowing category teams to make bulk updates and go live with just a few clicks. With Rocketium, the teams were able to launch and refresh 150K+ creatives per sale, boosting sales revenue for the ecommerce giant.


140k+ Creatives went live in a week

12X Faster TAT

World’s largest ecommerce marketplace produces more visuals, faster, with higher cost savings


The fashion category teams at this ecommerce leader promote 1M+ products from thousands of private-label clothing brands. The scale of creatives required for this led these category teams to hire agencies to support their creative teams. This entailed expensive retainers and significant bandwidth spent in coordination and reviews. Since the agencies worked with traditional tools and manual workflows, turnaround times were high and go-lives were frequently delayed.


Rocketium’s team of tech-enabled design and domain experts helped boost creative production for the ecommerce company, at half the cost. By leveraging Rocketium’s CreativeOps platform, the team effortlessly produced on-brand creatives at scale. With automated brand safety checks and seamless collaboration executed directly on the designs, the ecommerce leader’s fashion category teams go live with creatives faster, for improved outcomes.


52% savings on production costs

73% faster go-lives

Rocketium enables pan-African ecommerce brand to go live with 5x more product creatives


With a presence in 11 countries across Africa, this ecommerce leader locally promotes millions of products to various demographics. As their video ads drove higher engagement than static-rich media, they decided to invest in producing localized videos for various countries. But their creative teams lacked the tools and workflows necessary, incurring long turnaround times and high production costs.


Rocketium’s powerful video production capabilities enabled the African ecommerce leader to insource video production with minimal costs. With automation features, powerful design tools and branded templates, the teams effortlessly produced and published thousands of on-brand product videos in multiple languages for 11 countries in just a few hours. This helped them drive higher engagement and conversions on their website, boosting ecommerce sales across countries.


4.5x more videos produced for the website

60% higher click-through on video banners

 Global ecommerce leader boosts revenue from sale events with personalized push notifications at scale


The grocery delivery marketplace team of this ecommerce leader aimed to personalize customer communications to boost traffic to their store. To achieve this, the category team decided to personalize push notifications and enrich them with personalized creatives. But, they neither had the right design tool to generate personalized banners at scale nor the operational bandwidth to deliver these to different audiences. This forced them to use text-based push notifications, which didn’t drive engagement as effectively as expected.


Leveraging Rocketium, the category team generated 2.7K+ personalized banners using on-brand templates and a simple content feed. With streamlined CreativeOps driving seamless reviews and quick iterations, they were able to go-live with rich media push notifications in just a few hours. With personalized communications for 1400+ cohorts countrywide, the grocery delivery marketplace team achieved higher engagement and revenue during sale events.

15% higher engagement on personalized rich media push
8% higher revenue from sale events

Want to read more? Download the ebook, right here.

Rocketium has empowered online marketplaces around the globe to streamline their creative operations helping them boost category sales by iterating offers quickly and launching campaigns faster. Get in touch with us at to know more.

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