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Rocketium at Creative Production LA | Amazon’s Nicole and Satej on fast, flawless and friction-free CreativeOps

Team Rocketium had a fantastic time engaging with the best minds in the CreativeOps space at Creative Production LA. With the atmosphere of a communal experience, the lines between competitors, vendors, and operators were almost non-existent with everyone focused on learning and sharing. 

We also saw great engagement at the Rocketium booth with folks showing up to chat and learn more about our offerings. “We met marketers, in-house agency teams and agencies. Everyone connected with the need for efficient creative operations at a time when budgets are tight and teams are asked to scale up to meet the needs of multiple platforms and campaigns,” says Satej Sirur, founder and CEO at Rocketium.

Rocketium’s Satej Sirur, Marc Celler and Mayo Fadina at dinner with global brand leaders at Creative Production LA

The highlight of the event was the keynote talk by Satej Sirur and Nicole Bartolini, Senior Product Manager at Amazon, whose team supports large partner teams worldwide. Speaking on the theme of “How culture unlocks fast, flawless and friction-free creative processes across borders”, the two delved into a comprehensive exploration of the dynamic interplay between tools, teams, and culture to enhance creative efficiency. 

We caught up with Satej Sirur to break down the conversation and give us an insight into the future of creative collaboration, where scale becomes personal, and streamlined processes incorporate a cultural touch.

Watch it here:

Here’s a snippet:

Can you tell us a bit about the theme “fast, flawless and friction-free creative operations?”

Satej: As we started thinking more deeply about creative operations, we wanted to see what are some metrics that we could use to gauge the success of the creative operations. And we went to the source of operations and we realized that all of the metrics were converging around three broad areas: One was speed, one was about quality and one was about the experience of the people involved…

What were your key takeaways from the chat with Amazon’s Nicole Bartolini? Why was it important to have Amazon in the conversation?

Satej: We met Nicole and team last year at the same event and now that they are a customer, we felt it was poetic that we speak with them both about their journey and the way they run their creative operations as well as why they chose to work with Rocketium and what our collaboration means for them…

How do interactions like these map Rocketium’s journey ahead?

Satej: The Amazon team’s approach of running creative operations is unique to what they do, but their culture and their way of working flows into their creative operations. We want to take their cultural principles, their ways of working, have deep respect for operations, and bring that into our product and help other teams work better no matter what their culture is…

Watch the full video to hear it from Satej.

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Suzanne Sangi

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